Slot Machine (GPMR4010) Tech Notice

Note #1:

If you are having problems inserting the blades into your Slot Machine, you MUST make sure that when you are inserting the bottom of your blade into the blade holder, that this slips down into the slot at the bottom of the holder itself.

If you do not get the blade seated correctly in the holder slot,which will not allow the screw heads to be properly seated. Failure to properly seat the blades will cause damage to the screws and gears. You should see a slight "U" shape below screw hole when this is mounted correctly.

Slot Machine blade installation

Note #2:

Having a little difficulty getting the blade screws out of your blades on your slot machine? They are threadlocked in place to keep them from vibrating loose, which, of course, also makes them a little difficult to remove. If you are having trouble getting them unscrewed, try taking a hot soldering iron and touch it to the head of the screw for 2 or 3 seconds. The heat will transfer down the screw and release the threadlocker. There you go!

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Great Planes Model Manufacturing