Extra 300S ARF Giant (GPMA1365)
Tech Notes

Note #1: On page 19, step 1, the last line should read: The C.G. is located 5-1/2" [140 mm] back from the leading edge of the wing at the fuselage.

Note #2: Our manufacturing made a change that has affected some, not all of the Extra 300S ARF's. A close inspection of the aileron servo opening and ailerons will quickly let you know if you need to modify the aileron servo installation from the one shown in the manual.

1. On page 8, step 8 of the manual the servo is pictured with the servo being parallel to the hinge line and the pushrod perpendicular to the aileron. We have found a few wings that the opening is as shown below.

Extra 300 servo

2. Look closely for the aileron control horn mounting plate. (The plywood plate is visible under the covering.) When mounting the control horn, be sure it is securely mounted to the plate not the balsa sheet surrounding the plate.

Extra 300 aileron control horn mounting plate

3. If you have determined that your wing is like the one pictured above, install the servo horn and pushrod as shown here rather than as shown in the manual.

Extra 300 servo horn and pushrod