Patty Wagstaff's Extra 300S ARF (GPMA1305)
Tech Note

April 28, 2004


For "A-Brace" type Aluminum Spinners used in:

  • Great Planes Giant Christen Eagle II ARF (GPMA1217)
  • Great Planes 1/3-Scale Pitts Special ARF (GPMA1218)
  • Great Planes Little Toni 61 ARF (GPMA1320)
  • Great Planes 1/4 Extra 300S Wagstaff Extra ARF (GPMA1305)
  • Great Planes Spinner 1/3 Christen Eagle II ARF (GPMA2453)

Please observe the following precautions when using these spinners:

The spinner should only be run as a fully assembled unit. Never run the engine with the spinner backplate in place without the spinner cone installed. The steel "A-Brace" is not designed to be run unsupported by the front cone screw and could fly off and cause property damage and/or bodily injury.

Periodically check to make sure the spinner cone is secure. If you notice any looseness, remove the spinner cone and inspect the steel "A-Brace." The rivets should be holding the "A-Brace" tightly to the backplate. If this is not the case, replace the entire spinner.

If, when installing the spinner cone to the backplate, you notice that the front bolt bottoms-out before the cone is tight against the backplate, replace the entire spinner.

Inspect the aluminum spinner before each flight and replace the spinner if you notice any wear or cracks.

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