Slinger ARF (GPMA1180)
Tech Note

Note #1:

If you are having a problem finding the antenna tube for your Slinger try the following:

  1. Inspect the left top wing panel near the rectangular center section cutout;

  2. Approximately 4-1/2" back from the front outboard edge of the cutout, a 3/16" slot should be found for the antenna tube;

  3. Slowly slit the covering along this slot until the tube is located. Most often a cut of 1/4"-5/8" is all that is needed;

  4. You should not have to worry about the cut covering. When the center section is installed, the area will be covered up.

These steps should help resolve any problems locating the antenna tube.

Great Planes Model Manufacturing

Note #2:

Several improvements have been made to the Slinger making it easier to build and fly. Please see the addendum file below for further info:

PDF Slinger ARF addendum (596K)