Yard Stik ARF (GPMA1100)
Tech Note

Note #1: Posted 12/15/03

The threaded prop adapter included in the Yard Stik was designed for use with the optional APC propellers mentioned in the instruction manual. The kit supplied Great Planes prop (black) has a slightly thicker hub than the APC props. When installing the Great Planes prop, please omit the aluminum prop washer - securing the prop on the threaded shaft with the prop nut only. This method is perfectly acceptable. If mounting an APC prop, please use the included aluminum prop washer between the prop and the prop nut.

Note #2: Posted 12/11/03

The Yard Stick propeller has a small aluminum ring inserted in the hub. This ring, or insert, may be too small to fit on the threaded adapter shaft. A separately packaged insert has been provided, which has a larger diameter hole. In some cases, the machined threads on the threaded adapter shaft may not allow the precision insert to slide over the shaft threads. You can easily correct this situation in one of two ways: 1) Use fine (400 grit) sandpaper to smooth the sharp edges of the threads on the threaded adapter shaft. Do this a little at a time until the propeller insert goes on easily; or 2) Ream out the inside of the prop insert with a roll of fine sandpaper until it fits onto the threaded shaft.

Great Planes Model Manufacturing