Spirit ARF (GPMA1045)
Tech Note

To all of you who are proud owners of the new Great Planes Spirit ARF...Congratulations on your purchase!

Tech Note #1 - Based upon feedback from our customers, a more conventional style photo-based English manual has been generated for this aircraft. Download this new manual here now!

Tech Note #2 - More Detailed Information on Setting up Optional Spoilers:

Basic Spoiler Installation:

  1. Use fishing line or fine braided cable to operate the spoilers. Thread an 18" piece of line through the tube from the wing into the spoiler compartment.

  2. After cutting the spoiler free of the wing, use tape on the top of the spoiler to act as a hinge between the spoiler and wing. (Check the tape every few flights to make sure it is not deteriorating.)

  3. Pass about 2" of the line through the horn on the bottom of the spoiler. Use a round toothpick to secure the line. Using this method allows easy adjustment of the spoilers after the line has been attached to the servo.

  4. Install the wing, guiding the spoiler cord up front to the spoiler servo. Attach the wing using the rubber bands.

  5. Screw a #2 x 1/2" sheet metal screw into the farthest outside hole in a long servo arm. With the servo arm towards the leading edge of the wing, tie a loop in the spoiler cord that can be looped over the screw, allowing the spoiler to remain closed. This makes it easy to install the wing and attach the spoiler cord.

  6. Using the radio, move the servo to the open position, with the arm moving away from the leading edge of the wing. Measure the spoiler movement, and make them equal be adjusting the spoiler cord at the spoiler using the toothpick.

  7. While the spoilers are open, attach a small amount of weight (1/4 - 1/2 Oz works well) on the bottom side of the spoiler to assist in getting the spoilers down, and the flow of air will do the rest.

  8. Double check the spoilers to make sure they close when the servo is positioned closed.
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