Venus 40 ARF (GPMA1025)
Tech Note

Note #1:
An updated version of the manual (v1.1) is now available on our manuals page and includes a correction to the sketch for balancing the plane on page 22.

Note #2:
We have discovered some minor issues with the installation of the cowl on the Great Planes Venus .40 ARF. Some of the steps that specify dimensions are wrong. This tech note will help you to install the cowl properly.

Venus engine mount

Page 15, step 5. The engine drive washer needs to be positioned 4-1/2" [114 mm] away from the firewall.

Page 18, step 1. Disregard this step.

Page 18, step 2. Test fit the cowl on the fuselage. Center the cowl ring with the engine crankshaft. Use a rotary tool to cut cooling openings and a carburetor opening on the fiberglass cowl. Temporarily install the spinner backplate. There should be a 3/32" [2.4 mm] gap between the backplate and the cowl ring.

Page 19, step 4. Position the cowl so that the cowl ring is 3/32" [2.4 mm] aft of the engine drive washer. Center the cowl ring with the engine crankshaft. Drill a 1/16" [1.6 mm] hole through the fiberglass cowl and fuselage as shown on each mark. Make sure you do not drill through the fuel tank. Hint: Tape the cowl to the fuselage so it will not move as you drill the holes. Wipe the lines off with denatured alcohol.

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