Profile 38 (GPMA0487)
Tech Note

Note #1:

Balancing the Profile 38: On page 42 of the instruction manual, there are two diagrams depicting the recommended balance point for initial flights. The diagram on the left side and bottom of page 42 recommends a starting point of 4" [120 mm] back from the leading edge of the wing. The metric conversion for this measurement is incorrect. The correct metric measurement is [102 mm]. The diagram and text on the right side of page 42 is correct.

Note #2:

Building the Stabilizer: On page 8 of the instruction manual, the photograph above step 3 has the stabilizer leading and trailing edges incorrectly labeled. The trailing edge is near the top of the photograph and the leading edge is near the bottom.

Please make these changes to your instruction manual.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Great Planes Model Manufacturing