Giles G-202 46 Kit (GPMA0238)
Tech Note

To all of you who are proud owners of the new Great Planes Giles G-202 kit...Congratulations on your purchase!

There was an error in the manual which could make your first flight unnecessarily challenging. The control surface throws are misprinted and should read as follows:

SurfaceHigh RateLow Rate
Elevator1/2" up
1/2" down
5/16" up
5/16" down
Rudder2-1/2" left
2-1/2" right
1-1/2" left
1-1/2" right
Ailerons5/8" up
5/8" down
3/8" up
3/8" down

We apologize for any confusion this error may have caused.

Great Planes Model Manufacturing