Fundango Park Flyer (GPMA0050)
Tech Notes

Note #1: Manual updates

On page 14, Building The Landing Gear, Step 1. should read:

1. Cut the 1/16" x 30" [1.6 x 762 mm] wire into three pieces of 15-5/8" [397 mm], 6-1/4" [159 mm] and 8-1/8" [206 mm].

On page 15, Step 6. should read:

6. Bend the 6-1/4" [159 mm] wire as shown on the cross-brace template on the plan.

Step 7. should read:

7. Bend the tailskid from the remaining piece of 8-1/8" [206 mm] wire as shown on the plan.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Great Planes Model Manufacturing

Note #2: Using the 1.7:1 Gearbox

Improving the performance and preventing damage to your system:

  1. The gear mesh is critical. Set the gear mesh by running a sheet of notebook paper between the gears. It should and will feel sloppy. If the gear mesh is tighter than this the motor will overheat (60 degrees hotter!) and immediately lose performance. If you have already run your motor with this tight gear mesh and performance is lacking, please send us the problem motor with a copy of this tech note and we will replace it no charge.
  2. Oiling the motor's shaft: this is a part of normal service of most electrical motor components which was accidentally left out of the instructions for your power package. Please apply one drop of lubricating oil to each end of the shaft. This will also dramatically increase the motor's performance.
  3. Balance of the prop and centering of the prop are CRITICAL. Off even 1/16" will cause a wobble which robs nearly half the available thrust from your motor combination.

    If options 1-3 did not solve your performance concerns (acceptable being flight times of 3-5 minutes with sufficient power for the model to climb comfortably at a 45 degree angle), please consider:
  4. Prop/gearbox match. The 1.7:1 gearbox works well on the Fundango for most modelers as is, but for some, the performance is increased by using a 9x6 prop. The 3:1 ball bearing gearbox, GPMG0225, does also offer an increase in performance when using the 10x7 prop already provided with the power system you previously purchased, or an 11x7 with even more power but shorter run time.

If you have tried options 1-4 and your performance remains unacceptable, please mail us your motor/gearbox combination for warranty consideration.