GPMA1357 1/4 RV-4 GP/EP ARF
Parts Listing

Item is discontinued. Parts may not be available.
Stock No.DescriptionPhoto
GPMA3030Wing Set RV-4 ARF
GPMA3031Wing Tube RV-4 ARF
GPMA3032Fuselage w/Hatch/Cockpit Accessories RV-4 ARF
GPMA3033Wheel Pants RV-4 ARF
GPMA3034Cowl RV-4 ARF
GPMA3035Landing Gear Set RV-4 ARF
GPMA3036Spinner with Hardware RV-4 ARF
GPMA3037Canopy RV-4 ARF
GPMA3038Tail Surface Set RV-4 ARF
GPMA3039Decal Sheet RV-4 ARF

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