Urbana, Illinois, August 24, 2007 — Great Planes Model Manufacturing announced today that it has acquired the Lanier R/C and Carl Goldberg product lines. Both companies are currently located in Oakwood, GA but will soon relocate to Great Planes' headquarters in Champaign-Urbana, IL.

Carl Goldberg Models Inc. was founded over 50 years ago by hobby pioneer and legend, Carl Goldberg. The company is a cornerstone of the R/C airplane market and has enjoyed a legacy of well-known and respected products. The Goldberg product line was purchased five years ago by Bubba Spivey. Since that time, many of Goldberg's famous R/C kits were converted to almost-ready-to-fly models, gaining new success in the R/C market.

Lanier R/C was founded in 1964 by Len Purdy and was known as one of the first companies to offer almost ready-to-fly (ARF) R/C airplanes. In 1979, Lanier was acquired by the Spivey family.

Great Planes Model Manufacturing was founded in 1981 by Don Anderson. Great Planes quickly became the leading manufacturer of radio control kits in North America and is now a subsidiary of Hobbico, a 100% employee-owned company located in Champaign. Today, Great Planes continues to lead the industry with RC airplane kits, ARFs, building and field accessories, a full line of brushless motors and brushless speed controls as well as Real Flight, the industry's most popular R/C flight simulator. The company manufactures airplanes from small indoor electrics to the largest aerobatic and scale models.

"Many R/C airplane enthusiasts became avid modelers by building a Carl Goldberg model airplane kit," says Don Anderson, Founder of Great Planes Model Manufacturing and Sr. Vice President of Product Development at Hobbico. "Success was virtually guaranteed with a Gentle Lady, Eagle or Eaglet kit as a first model, then moving on to one of the Falcons or Tigers once a modeler had learned to fly. Lanier R/C began innovating with ARF models long before the trend caught on."

Don Anderson goes on to say, "We are proud to welcome Carl Goldberg Models and Lanier R/C to the Great Planes family. We are looking forward to exciting growth opportunities that will arise by joining these companies with the Great Planes' market strength, manufacturing and distribution capabilities."

From the late 1960's through the 1970's Lanier R/C pioneered the concept of almost ready-to-fly airplane models, producing a line of ARF models primarily from plastic and foam. Sixteen different model types including the Comet (which became the longest, continuously-produced ARF on the market) made an impressive showing. In the late 1980's, Lanier R/C began producing balsa kits and eventually developed a line of balsa ARFs. The Stinger series, Shrike and giant scale kits and ARFs are among the most recognized names in the hobby industry.

"I am happy to have a quality company like Great Planes acquire Goldberg and Lanier," says Bubba Spivey. "I know Great Planes will continue with the traditions that have made these lines famous... and allow them to grow and introduce new and exciting products for many years to come."

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