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Motorized Modeling Plane

Power PlaneCuts shaping work down to size—in minutes!

Removing material from modeling projects used to require a lot of time and effort. All it takes now is Great Planes' Power Plane—and a few minutes.

Set the depth of cut adjustment, plug it in and the Power Plane's rotary blade removes as much as 0.030” of unwanted material in one fast, clean pass. It gets surfaces ready for sanding fast. Push the twin on-buttons simultaneously, and the Power Plane powers through glue joints, changing wood densities—even end-grain balsa wood—the same way: quickly and easily. For safety, simplicity and speed, the Power Plane is truly a “cut” above the rest!

  • Removes material from smooth, flat surfaces with the speed of a electric-powered rotary cutter.

  • Requires no previous experience—achieve excellent results from the very first pass.

  • Plugs into any 110V AC outlet for power—requires no transformer.

  • Light and easy in the hand, and ergonomically designed to provide the same strong five-finger “grip” as a good sanding block.

  • Twin “ON” button design makes it ideal for use with either hand. Can't be turned on by accident, or left on by mistake.

Power Plane in use
The Power Plane makes short work time-consuming shaping jobs. Great for roughing out leading edges, engine blocks, turtledecks and more.
cut adjustment
Know how much material you need to remove? With the depth of cut adjustment, you can set it...and forget it! Holds settings to produce clean, consistent results. Take off as little as 0.010”—or as much as 0.030” with each pass!

“Light, simple, easy to operate—the Power Plane makes old-fashioned razor planes obsolete, and speedy material removal a breeze.”

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Don Anderson
Great Planes Model Manufacturing

spiral cut drum cutter
The Power Plane's spiral cut drum cutter quickly and efficiently removes material, leaving behind a surface ready for final sanding.

Stock Number: GPMR4030

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