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AccuPoint Laser Incidence Meter

AccuPoint in use

Improve airplane performance with laser accuracy

For your airplane to track true and fly right - right from the start -you have to correctly align its incidence. This was often a daunting task...until now. Now you have the AccuPoint Laser Incidence Meter from Great Planes. This incredible tool is easy to use, extremely versatile, and - thanks to cutting-edge, laser technology - amazingly precise. AccuPoint makes the critical procedure of accurately measuring incidence much less stressful, making it the super high-tech system for improving your model's performance!

The AccuPoint Laser Incidence Meter accurately measures:

  • wing incidence and washout

  • stabilizer incidence

  • engine thrust

  • thrust line

  • rotor blade pitch

AccuPiont laser unit AccuPoint's meter design AccuPoint scale

The laser unit rests in a ball bearing- supported yoke that eliminates binding, which adds to the meter's precision. The thumbwheel allows for easy and precise "zeroing" before use

The meter's design lets you quickly "zero it out" by setting it on a flat surface or even on the model itself. The slightly longer, 20" bar accommodates bigger wings.

The large scale can be easily read from any angle, and measures incidence down to a 1/4 of a degree.

AccuPoint airfoil grippers AccuPoint swiveling grippers

The perfectly-aligned airfoil grippers will remain accurate over time, and the opposed, large-radius thumb screws are easier to access and use.

The versatile swiveling grippers fit virtually any airfoil, even the rotor blade of a helicopter; an included special attachment allows you to check the engine's thrust angle.

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