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Top Speed photoFast Outboard Action!

Here's the quickest, easiest way to race a HOT outboard engine powered boat! Top Speed delivers fast, competitive performance—nearly right out of the box. You don't need special parts and tools or lots of marine R/C expertise. One version lets you supply your own engine...the other comes with O.S. Engines' powerful .21 XM Outboard, ready to bolt on and go!

  • Transom comes installed in the ABS hull—just bolt your engine to the back (O.S. .21 XM Outboard needs no additional mounting hardware)

  • Easy-access radio compartment positions on-board gear in-line to improve lateral balance

  • Measures slightly longer than most other .21-size tunnel hulls, increasing stability for recreational racing and high-stakes competition

  • Pull/pull system for steering linkages improves their durability and accuracy

  • All control linkages are kept as direct as possible to minimize slop and simplify maintenance

  • Assembly manual includes engine mount adjustment tips to maximize speed in any water conditions
Parts layout
Get a quick start in high-speed racing with the Top Speed. Assembly consists only of bolting on your engine and installing your radio. Its ABS hull includes foam floatation, and Great Planes supplies hardware, decals and a ply boat stand.
O.S. 21 XM engine
Top Speed is available with or without the O.S. .21 XM outboard engine. Stock legal for NAMBA and IMPBA racing, the engine features a water-cooled head, multiple bearings and a special lubrication system for all points of the flex shaft drive. Output: 1.3 hp @ 17,000 rpm.

Boat hull
Great Planes' engineers added these unique "Speed Strips" along the bottom of the sponsons to decrease water resistance and increase speed potential. The Top Speed remains stable in corners, handling easily without the need for turn fins.

Stock Numbers:
    GPMB1050 (requires engine)
    GPMB1055 (includes O.S. .21 XM engine)
Length (w/o engine): 27.25 in (690 mm)
Length (w/ O.S. engine): 34.75 in (880 mm)
Beam: 13.0 in (330 mm)
Height (hull only): 5.5 in (140 mm)
Weight (w/o engine): 5.3 lb (2.4 kg)
Requires: 2-channel radio, fuel & starting equipment (GPMB1050 also requires .21 marine outboard engine)