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Super Skybolt

Stinger SS

An entry-level off-shore racer that's versatile and affordable

  • Delivers greater speeds and run times than other entry level "vee hull" electrics

  • Uses the proven Twinline Drive System—the power of twin motors without the drag and inefficiency of a gearbox

  • Hull shape has been extensively researched to provide excellent stability for beginners, even at high speeds

  • Updated styling includes hot graphics and a deck with two drivers

  • Almost ready to run...just install radio, apply decals and go!

  • Comes complete with 2-speed forward/1-speed reverse speed control and fully submerged, non cavitating prop for instant acceleration

Stock Number:
Length: 24 in
Beam: 8.8 in
Weight: 2.75 lb
Motors: Two Thrustmaster 550-size (included)
Requires: 2-channel radio, two 6 or 7-cell batteries & charger