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Sonic Blast Electric Free Flight Ducted Fan Jet

Sonic Blast Electric Free Flight Ducted Fan JetDucted fan flight has never been so easy

This sleek jet comes almost completely assembled and ready to fly modelers simply unfold and attach the wing and tail sections, charge the on-board battery, turn on the motor...and take off. Air enters the fuselage of the Sonic Blast, where it's compressed by the turbo fan, and then released as a whirlwind blast of power. It'll fly up to 300 yards, at altitudes of up to 100 feet! The Sonic Blast is built to last from sturdy foam, with an impact-resistant rubber nose and protective landing skids

  • Comes with a quick battery charger that charges in 60 seconds, for nearly nonstop flying action

  • A powerful electric fan motor and 100mAh NiCd battery are already preinstalled for convenience

  • Other terrific features of the Sonic Blast include: a large main wing for high lift, high-capacity "cheek" air intakes, turbo jet inlets that increase airflow for maximum propulsion and a safety-guarded on/off power switch

The Sonic Blast goes together in as little as five minutes no tools or modeling experience needed!

Boy launching Sonic Blast Boy attaching wing

Modelers simply attach the wings, switch on the motor, give the Sonic Blast a light toss, and watch it take off!

Stock Number: GPMA4000
Wingspan: 24.4 in (620 mm)
Fuselage Length: 21.7 in (550 mm)
Weight: 4.76 oz (135 g)
Requires: Six "D" batteries for the charger