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Tech Notice F-86 Sabre Tx-R Brushless Micro EDF

Fly a true micro EDF jet!

There are a lot of jets and a lot of micros, but there’s only one F-86 Sabre — and it’s only from Great Planes. It’s the first micro that offers true EDF jet performance and authentic jet looks in equal measure — and it’s available as a Tx-R. It measures only 15" from wing tip to wing tip, but offers the scale looks of a plane twice the size and the performance that jet pilots want. A factory-installed brushless motor and a HyperFlow ducted fan unit provide the power and thrust for full-throttle passes just off the deck and outstanding sport performance. Download a product flier

  • Fully assembled, carefully scaled and factory finished.

  • Equipped for true jet performance with a ducted fan, brushless motor and ESC.

  • Onboard gear includes three digital servos, as well as a 4-channel Tactic SLT receiver.
F-86 Cutaway view

The F-86 Sabre arrives fully assembled and ready for flight. A battery and charger are included — and everything else is installed.

The micro F-86 EDF includes:  

  • Assembled and factory-finished airframe
  • Installed 10-15-11,500kV brushless inrunner motor, 6A brushless ESC, 30 mm HyperFlow™ ducted fan unit and (3) digital ultra-micro servos
  • Factory-installed SLT micro receiver compatible with all SLT transmitters and the Tactic AnyLink2 2.4GHz SLT Radio Adapter
  • 7.4V 250mAh LiPo   battery
  • DC balancing LiPo battery charger

[ Check out video reviews by 2 Brothers Hobby & AroundTuitRC and an RTF review by RCGroups ]

canopy battery hatch
The canopy doubles as a realistic detail and a magnetically attached hatch that simplifies battery changes.
Installing Landing Gear
The F-86's landing gear can be installed for ROG takeoffs and removed for hand launches and grass landings.
actory-finished, with fine details a
The F-86 arrives factory-finished, with fine details already molded into the foam fuselage and wings. Lightweight water-transfer decals add authentic details without additional work.
Ducting for the HyperFlow ducted fan
Ducting runs the entire length of the fuselage, providing a channel for the HyperFlow ducted fan and added scale realism for the eye.
F-86 Sabre performance
The F-86 Sabre offers performance to match its scale appearance, from fast, low-level flybys to sport aerobatics high in the sky.

Tx-R Transmitter-Ready


More ease. More choices. More fun.

Why go with a Tx-R? Glad you asked.

Start with speed and ease. Tx-R aircraft help you save time and get you to the flight line faster. They’re assembled and finished and all onboard electronics are installed …including an SLT receiver. Take a Tx-R out of the box, and you’re practically ready to fly. Now that’s fast and easy.

Add flexibility to the mix. With a Tx-R, you don’t have to buy a special radio to fly.

That’s because all Tx-R aircraft come with an SLT receiver. And since they do, you have two very attractive choices.

One, you can fly a Tx-R with a 2.4GHz SLT radio system from Tactic or other manufacturer. Just look for a radio with an “SLT” logo; that tells you they’re 100% compatible with the receivers in all Tx-R aircraft.

However, you may already have a favorite transmitter and don’t want to give up. That brings up choice #2: the Tactic AnyLink2. Attach it to your transmitter and it does something amazing: it broadcasts a true 2.4GHz signal that any SLT receiver can pick up. It works with virtually all transmitters, regardless of brand, band or modulation. And it not only costs less than a new radio; it costs less than many receivers.

For ease, economy, choices and more fun, there’s nothing like Tx-R.


GPMA1771 - Tx-R
Wingspan:  15 in (381 mm)
Wing Area: 53.1 in² (3.4 dm²)
Weight:  2.35 oz (67 g)
Wing Loading: 6.4 oz/ft² (20 g/dm²)
Length:  14.4 in (366 mm)
Requires: 4-channel SLT transmitter — or AnyLink2 & a compatible 4-channel transmitter

Recommended Products:

Tactic TTX650 6-Channel 2.4GHz SLT Computer Radio Transmitter

FUTK6000 Futaba 6J 6-channel 2.4GHz S-FHSS Computer Radio System
TACJ2005 Tactic AnyLink 2.4GHz Radio Adapter

Recommended Options:

Tactic TTX404 4-Channel 2.4GHz SLT Radio System

TACJ2600 Tactic TTX600 6-Channel 2.4GHz SLT Radio System

Ask your hobby dealer for additional recommendations.



F-86 Sabre side View F-86 Sabre F-86 Sabre F-86 Sabre F-86 Sabre F-86 Sabre F-86 Sabre F-86 Sabre F-86 Sabre F-86 Sabre F-86 Sabre F-86 SabreF-86 Sabre


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