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ZERO Legendary Warbird Series

ZERO photoThe daring Japanese dogfighter joins the ranks of the Legendary Warbird Series.

With its incredible speed and tight turning radius, the A6M5 Zero ruled the Pacific skies during the early 1940s, reaching the height of its success after the invasion of Pearl Harbor. But lacking armor plating and self-sealing fuel tanks, it soon became an easy target for newer, state-of-the-art Allied aircraft. Great Planes now immortalizes this once-fearsome fighter as the newest member of the Legendary Warbird Series, where advanced R/C technology has produced a semi-scale model of the "Zeke" with authentic looks, aerobatic performance and ARF construction.

  • 90% preassembly - with major sections built and covered at the factory - allows you to recreate this striking plane in as little as 16-20 hours.

  • Plastic parts are pre-painted to match the kit's preapplied "stressed skin composite" covering, resulting in exceptional realism...even up close.

  • The greenhouse-style canopy is patterned after the original aircraft, and includes a pilot figure for the cockpit.

  • Premium-quality Great Planes hardware, such as steel rod-in-tube pushrods, control horns, clevises, wheels and wheel collars, are all provided.

  • Includes 5/32" landing gear wire; accepts standard Hobbico mechanical retracts and others which are available separately.

"Through WWII Japan produced more Zeros than any other fighter, yet only two originals are still flying today. You can keep the Zeke in action with our fast-building ARF - the fifth model in Great Planes' exciting Legendary Warbird Series."
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Stock Number: GPMA1535
Wingspan: 59.75 in (1520 mm)
Wing Area: 575 in² (37.1 dm²)
Weight: 6.5-7.25 lb (2.95-3.29 kg)
Length: 45.75 in (1160 mm)
Requires: 2-stroke .40-.51 cu in (6.5-8.0 cc) or 4-stroke .61-.80 cu in (10-13 cc) engine; 4-5 channel radio w/4-5 servos
Mitsubishi Zero ARF 40 Parts Listing

Technical Data: control throws, center of gravity, etc.