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Like the hot rod, the Christen Eagle is an all-American creation. Self-made millionaire Frank Christensen designed it as an unlimited-class aerobat that pilots could build at home. It was an immediate hit with pilots and air show crowds — and this ARF promises to be just as popular. It's designed to deliver the same adrenaline-charged aerobatics as the original, as well as the amazing assembly ease Great Planes is famous for!

Expertly covered with Top Flite MonoKote Download a product flier
  • Designed for fast-paced aerobatics and easy assembly.

  • Captures the trademark "Eagle" trim scheme in bright MonoKote® colors!

  • A great performer with glow engines or brushless power!
  • Innovative interplane struts eliminate brackets and tiny screws, speeding assembly and teardown.

  • Comes with a painted pilot figure already installed.

The Christen Eagle name is used by Horizon Hobby, LLC under license from Aviat Aircraft, Inc.

interplane struts
Faster to attach — easier to remove! Unique interplane struts do away with clumsy brackets, tiny screws and wasted time. Just slide it into the bottom wing. Putting the top wing in place "traps" it in place with a fit that holds tight whether it's upright, inverted or on knife-edge.

Additional work-savers in the wings. In place of 2-piece wings and joiner tubes, the Christen Eagle 46 features faster, simpler 1-piece designs. Prehinged ailerons offer additional time savings and ease.
4 view
cowl, wheel pants
Sleek, streamlined shape. The painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants help add signature style and lines with minimum work. Fairings contribute additional scale detail and smoother, more graceful looks.
The painted pilot figure and bubble canopy are factory-installed for ease and looks, but can be quickly removed for easy access to radio gear and battery packs.
engine & motor
Great with glow or electric power. The Christen Eagle performs well on a .46, but can be "souped up" with a .55, "powered up" with a 4-stroke or electrifying with a brushless outrunner motor!
parts layout
Simpler, faster and generously equipped. Prebuilt sections cut assembly to a matter of hours. The hardware package is not only generous, but includes "extras" that include a painted pilot bust, spinner and wheels.
Expertly Covered with Top Flite MonoKote

Stock Number: GPMA1431
Top Wingspan: 42.5 in (1080 mm)
Bottom Wingspan: 40 in (1015 mm)
Wing Area: 441 in² (28.4 dm²)
Weight: 5.75-6.25 lb (2.61-2.83 kg)
Wing Loading: 30-33 oz/ft² (92-101 g/dm²)
Length: 39.5 in (1005 mm)
Requires: radio with a minimum of 4 channels, 2-3 standard and 2-4 micro servos & a 2-stroke .46-.55 or 4-stroke .70-.72 glow engine or a 42-60-480 outrunner brushless motor, 60A brushless ESC (min), two 11.1V, 3350mAh LiPo batteries & 13x10 EP propeller
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Product Recommendations:

Please note: All recommendations were the best choices available at the time of product release. For additional choices, please check with your dealer or on the Great Planes Web site.

FUTK6000 Futaba® 6J 6-Channel 2.4GHz S-FHSS Computer Radio System
FUTM0004 (2) Futaba S3004 Standard Ball Bearing Servos
(3 if using glow power)
FUTM0415 (2) Futaba S3115 Precision Micro Servos
(4 if using dual aileron servos)
OSMG0556 O.S.® Engine 55AX ABL Engine or
OSMG0877 O.S. 72FS-a 4-Stroke Engine or
GPMG4715 ElectriFly® RimFire™ .55 Outrunner Brushless Motor
GPMM1850 ElectriFly Silver Series 60A Brushless High-Voltage ESC
ONXP2343 (2) Onyx LiPo 3S 11.1V 3300mAh 30C Star Plug
GPMM3143 ElectriFly Series Star Plug Adapter 2 to 1
APCQ4140 APC 13x10 Electric Propeller
TACM2090 Tactic™ 6" (150 mm) Servo Extension - Futaba J
(Req'd only with GPMG4715 use)
TACM2093 (2-6) Tactic™ 12" (300 mm) Servo Extension - Futaba J
(See manual for number required.)
FUTM4130 (0-3) Futaba 6" (150 mm) Dual Servo Extensions Fut. J.
(See manual for number required.)

Recommended Options:

OSMG0546 O.S. Engine 46AX ABL Engine
(alternative to OSMG0556)
FUTM0075 Futaba S9001 Standard Coreless Ball Bearing Servos (alternative to S3004 servos)
FUTM0303 Futaba S3150 Digital Slim Wing Micro Servos
(alternative to S3115 micro servos)

Electric-only Options:

GPMM3156 ElectriFly Triton2™ EQ AC/DC Balancing Charger

For the most comprehensive list of required items, consult your instruction manual.

Christen Eagle 46
Christen Eagle 46
Christen Eagle 46
Christen Eagle 46
Christen Eagle 46 Christen Eagle 46
Christen Eagle 46 Christen Eagle 46