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Cruise through extreme 3D maneuvers!

Impressive in size and looks, the Performance Series SU-31 ARF excels at demanding IMAC/IMAA competition aerobatics and traditional sport flying! Great Planes’ expert engineering and construction provides the lightweight strength needed for high-stress 3D maneuvers — and assembling the factory-built components takes as little as 20-25 hours. Whether at the local field or in competition, the SU-31 ARF performs with crowd-pleasing precision and grace.
  • Features an ideal balance of low weight and high structural integrity.
  • All-wood construction with painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants.
  • Includes complete, custom-designed hardware package.

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Don with the SU-31
Balsa Sheeting
Assembling the SU-31's factory-built components takes as little as 20-25 hours — no time at all for a model this size. Replacement parts are available so you can keep your model in peak flying form.  

“The Performance Series SU-31 ARF is another powerful addition to this performance-driven line of airplanes. Whether it’s IMAC, 3D or just ‘SUnday’ type flying, the SU-31 is an excellent choice for a
first giant-scale aerobatic model

- Don Anderson

  The turtle deck and fuselage bottom are constructed of a precisely sculpted foam shell that's reinforced with balsa sheeting, adding strength and great looks to this stellar performer.

The fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
One piece wing
maximum control surface throw
The beautifully finished cowl, wheel pants and aluminum landing gear complete the great looks of this outstanding performer. The included high quality aluminum spinner makes this model more complete than other models of similar size.   Easy to assemble, the one-piece wing bolts directly to the fuselage. This helps minimize weight by avoiding the need for the extra structure required when using an aluminum wing joiner tube.   Mild or wild, the Performance Series SU-31 ARF can do it all. With maximum control surface throw, 3D performance is ready and waiting.

Excellent control response
Two rudder servos in a pull/pull set-up
Included lightweight tailwheel
Airfoiled tail surfaces (instead of flat surfaces offered by other large scale model manufacturers) provide excellent control response and superior aerobatic maneuvering at all speeds, and in all flight attitudes.   The SU-31’s tail gangs two rudder servos in a pull/pull set-up that increases control precision. It’s one of numerous design elements that combine to give this model the ability to execute any current 3D maneuver to perfection.   The included lightweight and easy to install tailwheel assembly provides positive ground handling.

Direct connection from the servo
Easy access to the on-board radio gear, fuel tank
From any angle, the Su-31 ARF will stand out
Simple and direct connection from the servo to the control surface provides easy set-up and precision control.   Removing the canopy provides easy access to the on-board radio gear, fuel tank and the thumb screws used to secure the wing panels.   From any angle, the Performance Series 1.60-43 cc SU-31 ARF will stand out, in the pits and in the air. The attractive, multi-color trim scheme is expertly applied- this scheme on the top and bottom of the aircraft leaves no doubt when it's inverted or upright.

The Fuji-Imvac(TM) BT-43EI-2 engine
The O.S.(R) 1.60 FX 2-stroke engine
For gasoline engine power, Great Planes gives the Fuji-Imvac™ BT-43EI-2 the "thumbs up". It has been extensively tested in the SU-31 and passed with flying colors. The engine's electronic ignition system offers easy starts and reduces weight and vibration.   An ideal glow engine match is the O.S.® 1.60 FX 2-stroke, which has also been successfully tested in the model. It helps maximize the SU-31's potential by keeping weight low while supplying excellent power.    

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Stock Number: GPMA1412
Wingspan: 77 in (1950 mm)
Wing Area: 1155 sq in (74.5 dm²)
Weight RTF: 13-15 lb (5.90-6.80 kg)
Wing Loading: 26-30 oz/ft² (79-91 g/dm²)
Fuselage Length: 70 in (1780 mm)
Engine Required: 2-stroke 1.6-1.8 or 4-stroke 1.8-2.1 glow or 32-43cc gasoline engine or 63-62-250 outrunner brushless motor, ESC and battery
Radio Required: 4+ channel w/1 standard and 6 high-torque servos
Pilot figure shown is not included.

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