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Cap 232 3d Arf


Power. Poise. Precision. The Great Planes 27% CAP 232 ARF has them all — and they're at your command after only 20-24 hours of easy assembly. Like the full-size World Aerobatic Competition winner, this model leaves contest judges looking for new words to praise its graceful aerobatics. Your friends at the local flying field? They'll be in absolute awe!
  • Expertly engineered for low weight and high performance.
  • Excellent “step up” for pilots eager to try a large, 3D-capable model.
  • Superior ARF quality — complete with proven Great Planes brand hardware.

Don with the Cap 232
Control Surfaces
Assembling the CAP 232's factory-built components takes as little as 20-24 hours — no time at all for a model of this size. For years after any Great Planes model is introduced, replacement parts remain available so you can keep your model in peak flying form.  

“If you want to perform extreme aerobatics — whether at your local field or in IMAC competitions — our 27% CAP 232 is the model that can easily make it happen.”

- Don Anderson, Founder
  Great Planes Model Manufacturing

  The CAP 232 excels at traditional sport flying as well as demanding, IMAC contest-worthy aerobatics. All of the control surfaces are oversized to allow for aggressive 3D maneuvering. Control linkages are short, direct, and dependable.

IMAC Performance
The Cap 232 in action
Light weight turtle deck
This CAP 232 is engineered to perform IMAC competition maneuvers with judge-pleasing precision and grace. Stable slow speed flight characteristics also make it a good choice for fliers moving up from smaller models like the .46-size U-Can-Do 3D.   A full-size CAP 232 carries a price tag of over $250,000. At just over 1/4 scale — and barely a fraction of the cost — this Great Planes model recreates the exciting performance of the original, in a large size that makes every maneuver a BIG event.   The CAP 232 offers an ideal balance of low weight and high structural integrity, both essential for performing high-stress 3D maneuvers. The turtle deck is a good example — it's constructed of a precisely sculpted foam shell that's reinforced with balsa sheeting.

Fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
composite landing gear
The 79” span wing comes in two halves which are epoxied together onto a hardwood joiner. Easy to assemble, the one-piece wing then bolts directly to the fuselage. This helps minimize weight by avoiding the need for an aluminum joiner tube in the fuselage.   The fiberglass cowl and wheel pants — painted to match the surrounding Top Flite MonoKote trim scheme — add to the CAP 232's scale-like looks. Great Planes does the work...but you enjoy all the compliments!   The composite landing gear offers smooth contours that perfectly complement the model's scale looks — and provides the strength and reliability needed for confident touchdowns.

Fuji Gas Engine
From every angle, the Great Planes 27% CAP 232 ARF is a stunner! Distinctively different factory-applied trim schemes on the top and bottom make it easy to follow the model's orientation during maneuvers.   For gasoline engine power, Great Planes gives the Fuji-Imvac BT-43EI the “thumbs up”. It has been extensively tested in the CAP 232 and passed with flying colors. The engine's Electronic Ignition System offers easy starts and reduces weight and vibration.   An ideal glow engine match is the O.S. 1.60 FX 2-stroke, which has also been successfully tested in the model. It helps maximize the model's potential by keeping weight low while supplying excellent power.

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Stock Number: GPMA1410
Wingspan: 79 in (2005 mm)
Wing Area: 1168 in² (75.3 dm²)
Weight RTF: 12.5-14 lb (5.7-6.4 kg)
Wing Loading: 25-27 oz/in² (675-85/dm²)
Fuselage Length: 77 in (1955 mm)
Engine Required: 2-stroke 1.6-1.8 cu in or 4-stroke 1.8-2.1 cu in glow or 1.9-2.6 cu in gasoline
Radio Required: 4-7 channel w/7 servos (6 high-torque metal gear servos and one standard servo)
Pilot figure shown is not included.

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