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Extra 300S 1.60 ARF

Extra 300S 1.60 ARF

Designed for ease—licensed to thrill!

He's a stunt pilot, star performer and a three-time U.S. and Canadian National Champion. But to audiences on four continents, flying great Gene Soucy is simply "Mr. Airshow." ARF assembly makes this quarter-scale version of his Extra 300S easy to own. Stunning looks and sparkling performance make it a plane that can turn your every move into a show-stopper — and you into the star of your own airshow.
  • Ready for its premiere performance after just 15-20 hours of easy assembly.

  • Requires minimum time and effort, but offers rich rewards in appearance and performance. Built with Great Planes' "Quality Quartet": hand-selected woods, painted fiberglass parts, factory-applied MonoKote® film and Great Planes' hardware.

  • A realistic replica for scale enthusiasts — a colorful natural showcase for aerobatic skills.

  • Capable of virtually unlimited 3D aerobatics with any engine from the top end of the range. (O.S® 1.60 FX recommended.)

  • Each tail control surface is double-beveled and powered by a dedicated, exterior-mount servo located nearby — a control combination which offers greater deflection and faster, stronger response. The rudder servo also steers the tailwheel — a ground-handling plus!

  • Wing halves slide onto a joiner tube to become an easy-to-install 1-piece wing. Slide them apart, and they're easy-to-transport pieces for the trip home.

  • Includes a generous package of Great Planes' hardware, plus an aluminum spinner, a tailwheel assembly — and horizon reference indicators for display.

O.S. 1.60 FX
Drop in an O.S. 1.60 FX and you have a 3D star with a repertoire that starts with hovering and harriers — and ends in encore performance!
Flying Shot
Impressive size makes the Extra 300S 1.60 ARF easier to track in the sky and easier hold in a hover against gusty winds.
Authorized Scale Replica
Created in cooperation with airshow star and competition pilot Gene Soucy. The only licensed R/C version of the world-famous aerobat available today!
Don Anderson

"Whether you're at the field or an IMAC competition, our 1/4 Scale Extra 300S 1.60 ARF is bound to create a big stir among your fellow fliers. And whether they admire it for the scale detail or the top-notch aerobatic performance, you'll love it for the way it makes both easy to enjoy."

Don Anderson
Don Anderson
Great Planes Model Manufacturing

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Stock Number:
Wingspan: 74 in (1880 mm)
Wing Area: 1048 in² (67.6 dm²)
Weight: 12-13.5 lb (5.44-6.12 kg)
Wing Loading: 26-30 oz/ft² (79-92 g/dm²)
Length: 69 in (1755 mm)
Requires: 2-stroke 1.20-1.60 or 4-stroke 1.20-1.80 glow engine and 4-6 channel radio w/6 servos. (6+ channel computer radio recommended. Minimum servo torque requirements: (1) servo w/ 30 oz-in (2.2kg-cm); (5) servos with 54 oz-in (3.9kg-cm)
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