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Super Stearman

Super Stearman

"Super" in every way!

Long considered the classic biplane, the versatile Stearman has assumed many roles, and has never failed to impress. Great Planes' IMAA-legal scale model of the Super Stearman is just as impressive, with attention to detail evident throughout and flight characteristics that parallel that of the full-size plane.

  • All main sections feature built-up balsa and plywood.

  • Four ailerons (instead of two) give this Stearman "super" agility — especially when each is powered by its own servo. Coupling rods are supplied for when using only two servos.

  • The dual cockpits feature vacu-formed windscreens with painted frames, and come complete with a pair of scale pilot figures.

  • A steerable tailwheel assembly aids in ground handling.

  • A plywood carrying handle is included that makes for easy transport of the fuselage and interplane struts.

Super Stearman
A dummy radial engine and polished aluminum spinner add realistic touches to the plane's appearance. A plywood ring glued inside the cowl adds strength, and allows for cowl attachment without visible screw heads.
Super Stearman
Like the cowl and landing gear fairings, the wheel pants are also made of lightweight fiberglass, and painted to match the plane's trim scheme.

Super Stearman
A plywood carrying handle kit is included that makes for easy transporting of the fuselage and interplane struts.
Stock Number: GPMA1350
Top Wingspan: 71.5 in (1815 mm)
Bottom Wingspan: 69 in (1755 mm)
Total Wing Area: 1466 in² (94.6 dm²)
Weight: 14-15 lb (6.4-6.8 kg)
Wing Loading: 22-23.5 oz/ft² (67-72 g/dm²)
Length: 56.75 in (1441 mm)
Requires: 2-stroke or 4-stroke .91-1.20 cu in engine, 4-channel radio w/5-7 servos
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