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Ryan STA

Ryan STA image
IMAA-Legal 80" Wingspan

The Golden Touch!

During aviation's Golden Age, American-made Ryan aircraft had a huge impact worldwide. As founder of Ryan Aeronautical Activities, T. Claude Ryan produced Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis" as well as many of the era's military trainers and sport planes. High quality and exceptional performance were the standards of Ryan aircraft - the same characteristics you'll find in this eye-catching, almost ready-to-fly Ryan STA from Great Planes.

  • Prebuilt structures are constructed of choice materials - fine woods, durable fiberglass, Top Flite MonoKote film - and assemble in as little as 12-15 hours!

  • Spacious radio compartment offers plenty of room for easy on-board gear installation.

  • Fiberglass cowl features accurate ducting and blister marks, and conceals engines in the recommended range for added realism.

  • Carefully reproduces the original aircraft's oval-shaped fuselage, instead of settling for easily manufactured flat sides.

  • Generous package of Great Planes-brand hardware includes smooth rod-in-tube pushrods and a reinforced nylon Adjustable Engine Mount.

Dual Aileron Servos
Dual aileron servos boost control surface precision and authority while also simplifying set-up and providing the security of a "back up" in case one servo fails. The checkerboard MonoKote trim pattern on the wing bottom adds eye-catching style and helps you follow the plane's orientation during flight.
Ryan STA wheel pants
Instead of plastic, Great Planes forms the Ryan STA ARF's cowl and wheel pants from durable, long-lasting fiberglass. They also arrive factory-painted in three colors to match the model's vibrant MonoKote covering scheme.

Ryan STA parts layout
Great Planes uses the finest materials and construction methods for the Ryan STA: a built-up wood framework; sheeted fuselage; fiberglass cowl and wheel pants; Top Flite MonoKote covering; and Great Planes-brand hardware. You can have it flight-ready in as little as 12-15 hours.

"Our Ryan STA ARF gives one of aviation's most exciting aircraft the absolute top-of-the-line treatment. When you open the box, you'll hardly believe your eyes. It looks - and flies - like an exceptionally well-built kit."

Don Anderson
Don Anderson
Great Planes Model Manufacturing

Stock Number: GPMA1345
Wingspan: 80 in (2032 mm)
Wing Area: 1002 in² (64.6 dm²)
Weight: 10.3 lb (4.7 kg)
Wing Loading: 24 oz/ft² (73 g/dm²)
Fuselage Length: 60 in (1524 mm)
Engine Required: 2-stroke .61-.91 cu in (10.0-15.0 cc) or 4-stroke .91-1.20 cu in (15.0-20.0 cc)
Radio Required: 4-5 channel w/5 standard servos
Parts Listing - Product Manual

Technical Data: control throws, center of gravity, etc.