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giles g-202 main picUncompromising giant-scale performance, appearance—and quality!

Sweep away the usual constraints of time, money and labor, replace it with a single-minded dedication to exceeding past expectations and a plane like the Giles G-202 ARF is not only possible—but inevitable. High goals for performance, scale looks and user ease drove the design. Design, in turn, dictated the use of components that would withstand the stresses of giant-scale flight. And from this dedication and goals comes the Giles G-202 ARF, a plane that offers pilots a brand-new way to enjoy the crisp aerobatic performance they crave with reassuring assembly ease.

  • Flight-ready in just 15-20 hours, using the same skills and techniques used to build .40-size ARF aerobats.

  • Features interlocking balsa/ply parts, Great Planes hardware, factory-painted fiberglass accessories—and a dazzling, factory-applied Top Flite® MonoKote® finish.

  • Designed to deliver .40-size snap and sizzle in performance, with an O.S.® Surpass 120 or SuperTigre G-2300 power plant.

  • Duplicates the maneuvering speed and authority of mid-size aerobats, with an aileron servo in each wing, plus a rudder servo and twin elevator servos on the tail.

  • Matches the fuselage of the full-size Giles contour for contour, complementing true-to-life performance with authentic appearance.

  • Includes canopy and heavy-duty aluminum landing gear.

giles g-202 uncovered giles g-202 airfoil giles g-202 servos
The hard work of giant-scale building is already done! Assembled from CAD-engineered, interlocking all-wood parts, the Giles G-202 also features vibration-resistant fiberglass wheel pants, cowl and belly pan, prepainted to match the glowing MonoKote trim scheme.
Fully symmetrical airfoils on the wing and stabilizer bring 3D maneuvers within reach and smoother handling to every maneuver, including knife-edge flight!
Wing-mounting shortens linkages between the twin servos and their respective ailerons, resulting in "whipcrack" response and agility. The rudder and twin elevator servos are mounted on the tail (competition-style) for extreme precision and maximum power. Aileron and elevator linkages are independently adjustable to ensure balanced response.

Stock Number: GPMA1315
Wingspan: 73 in (1855 mm)
Wing Area: 973 in² (62.8 dm²)
Weight: 12.5 lb (5.67 kg)
Length: 64.5 in (1640 mm)
Wing Loading:
29.6 oz/ft² (90.3 g/dm²)
Requirements: 2-/4-stroke 1.2-2.0 (19.5-33 cc) glow or gasoline engine and a 4-6 channel radio w/6 servos (1 std, 5 w/65 oz.-in [4.7 g/dm²] of torque)
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Technical Data: control throws, center of gravity, etc.