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Prebuilt at the factory - precovered in genuine Top Flite MonoKote!

IMAA-/IMAC-legal 79" span wing!

With its thrilling aerobatic potential and amazing ease and speed of assembly, the 1/4-scale SpaceWalker from Great Planes is designed with the fun-seeking pilot in mind. It looks like a classic military trainer straight out of mid- 40s America, yet relies on a mid-'80s design and goes together with the ease of the '90s best ARF building technology. Even though it looks scratch-built, this Almost-Ready-to-Fly kit can be in the air in just a few evenings.

The SpaceWalker builds straight and strong, and comes with genuine MonoKote covering already applied. ABS wheel pants and one-piece cowl, all pre-painted to match the color of the film, are included in the generous hardware and accessory package to enhance the plane's sport-scale appearance, and the authentic heavy-duty steel landing gear has been factory-welded to endure less-than-perfect touchdowns as well as speed up assembly.

  • Eliminates gasoline engine purchase as a requirement for giant-scale performance - it's docile with a 2-stroke .61, dynamite with a 4-stroke .91!

  • Included engine mount adjusts to accept any engine in the recommended range

  • An aileron servo on each wing helps deliver control input with promptness, precision and authority - dual ailerons also simplify set-up, and provide a safety "net" in case of a single servo failure

  • Dual-yoke pushrod design allows elevators to function independently, a "straight" linkage set-up that enhances control by preventing pushrods from twisting and bending; elevator halves may also be adjusted independently

  • Heavy-duty steel landing gear is factory-welded for enduring strength
Parts layout
Main sections come factory-built, with genuine MonoKote covering already expertly applied. A generous supply of Great Planes hardware is also provided. In just a few evenings, you can be ready to fly an airplane that looks like it took months to build!
Not only is the ABS cowl formed as one piece for easy assembly, it's also prepainted to match the MonoKote covering. Also included is an adjustable engine mount that accepts any engine in the recommended range.
Elevator halves function independently using dual yokes-a "straight" linkage set-up that avoids twisting or bending the pushrod for maximum control surface authority. The elevators can be adjusted independently for greater precision.

"Even the most experienced and demanding modelers will admire the exceptional quality of this ARF. It's exactly what we builders strive for - right down to the MonoKote covering."

Don Anderson
Don Anderson
Great Planes Model Manufacturing

Stock Number: GPMA1300
Wingspan: 79 in (2007 mm)
Wing Area: 1096 in² (70.7 dm²)
Weight: 8-8.75 lb (3.60-3.94 kg)
Wing Loading: 16.8-18.4 oz/ft² (51-56 g/dm²)
Length: 54.5 in (1385 mm)
Requires: 2-stroke .61-.75 cu in (10-12 cc) or 4-stroke .70-.91 cu in (11.5-15 cc) engine and a 4-5 channel radio with 5 servos
Parts Listing - Product Manual

Technical Data: control throws, center of gravity, etc.

Covered with genuine
Top Flite MonoKote