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Matt Chapman Eagle 580
Almost Ready-to-Fly 1/3 Scale 85-100 cc Aerobat
Matt Chapman Eagle 580 ARF
More on-the-edge performance — more on-the-money realism!

There's no mistaking Matt Chapman's Embry-Riddle ride, and there's no closer match to it in looks and performance than the 1/3 scale Eagle 580 ARF! It's pounds lighter than the original, and primed to open the performance envelope to the absolute limit. It includes a complete set of hardware custom-designed for giant-scale flight. And it's scaled-out the way that only Great Planes can. Every detail is in place and accurate, from the licensed Embry-Riddle trim scheme to the tri-color trim on the pilot's helmet.

Yet, even with all of the appearance and performance the Eagle 580 ARF offers, it requires even less time to assemble than the original ARF.

Matt Chapman Commercial & Air Show Pilot
Don Anderson President and Founder  Great Planes Model Manufacturing and the Eagle 580

"I'm really thrilled with how accurately Great Planes reproduced the trim scheme of my Eagle 580 on their models. As an R/C pilot and IMAC competitor myself, I enjoy flying them almost as much as the full-size aircraft!"

Matt Chapman
Commercial & Air Show Pilot


"We started with our original 1/3 scale CAP 580, and made it better in almost every way. We pre-hinged the elevator and ailerons to cut assembly time. We cut every possible ounce from the airframe weight, to bring the most demanding 3D maneuvers within easy reach. And we made it a great value by loading it with extras, including an aluminum spinner, fiberglass pilot and our own custom-designed giant-scale hardware."

Don Anderson, Founder
Great Planes Model Manufacturing

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Eagle 580 4-view
All airframe materials meet the demands of all-out performance with the best in lightweight strength. The Eagle 580 ARFs all-up weight is just 24-28 pounds, a huge power-to-weight improvement compared to the 29-32 pound original! Fiberglass parts now include the pilot bust and landing gear as well as the cowl and wheel pants.

Part included
Great Planes' engineering results in world-class weight-savings throughout the Eagle 580 ARF! The all-up weight of the Eagle 580 ARF is just 24-28 pounds — a huge power-to-weight improvement over the original's 29-32 pound range. Great Planes produced the improvement with a combination of lightened airframe components, select woods and greater use of tough, light fiberglass. Painted fiberglass parts now include the pilot bust and landing gear as well as the cowl and wheel pants.   Buying basic hardware for an IMAA/IMAC kit can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of flying... and that assumes that you can find exactly what you want. Hardware for the Great Planes Eagle 580 ARF is not only complete, but already in the box — and at no extra cost. And there's no need to worry if the hardware is up to the job; it's all custom-designed by Great Planes, specifically for giant-scale modeling.

Canopy / Hatch
Prehinged Elevators and Ailerons
The Eagle 580's canopy doubles as a quick-access hatch to the wing panel bolts and onboard radio equipment. Scale cockpit pluses include licensed Embry-Riddle trim and sponsor decals, a factory-installed instrument panel and a fiberglass pilot bust with a trim-matching 3-color paint job on its helmet.   Hinge point hinges in the stab and wings are already installed, which improves strength and precision without extra work. A servo for each elevator half and dual servos for the rudder and ailerons provide swift, powerful response. Double-beveled control surfaces make the best use of each ounce-inch of torque, for impressive 3D maneuvers, precision aerobatics at IMAC events and everyday sport flying.

Removing the factory-built battery "hatch" also gives you easy access to onboard gear.
Two-piece wing and stab designs offer equal measures of performance strength and transportation convenience. The wing tube is made from high-quality aircraft aluminum. The stabilizer tubes are carbon-fiber — a stress-resistant plus that also ensures easier CG balancing.

Engine configuration
Gas is the only way to go with a plane this size, but the Eagle 580 ARF offers two ways to enjoy stand-out performance power. The "more power" option is to go with a 100 cc twin and canister-style mufflers. The improved "power-to-weight" option an 85 cc single. Whichever you choose, there's room under the fiberglass cowl and easy bolt-in installation to enjoy.

Recommended Products

Please note: all recommendations were the best choices available at the time of product release. Please check with your hobby dealer for additional choices. For a complete list of required items, click here or consult the instruction manual.

FUTM0215 Futaba® S9155 High-Torque Digital Servo (8; for rudder, elevator & ailerons)
FUTM0115 Futaba S9206 High-Torque Heli/Air Servo (2; for throttle & choke
FUTM4150 Futaba SR-10 Dual Servo Reverser (for ailerons)
ONXM2205 Onyx NiMH Receiver 6.0V 2000 AA Flat Universal Plug (for ignition system)
ONXM2364 NiMH Receiver 4.8V 3600mAh Sub-C Flat Univ Plug (for the receiver)

Recommended Options

FUTL7638 Futaba® R608FS 8-Channel FASST™ Receiver

Stock Number: GPMA1286
Wingspan: 100 in (2540 mm)
Wing Area: 1892 in² (122.3 dm²)
Weight: 24-28 lb (10.88-12.70 kg)
Wing Loading: 29-34 oz/ft² (88-104 g/dm²)
Length: 96 in (2440 mm)
Requires: 6+ channel radio w/10 servos & 85-100 cc gasoline engine
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Matt Chapman Eagle 580 ARF
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