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Matt Chapman Cap 580 1/3 Scale Almost Ready-to-Fly Model
Giant-scale aerobatics with attitude!

Matt Chapman Cap 580
World-famous looks and performance!

Everywhere flown – from Muncie to Slovakia – Matt Chapman's full-size CAP 580 is an instant hit. Great Planes captures its standout trim scheme and aerobatic ability in this exclusive and officially licensed 1/3 scale ARF...which experienced pilots can turn loose for "everyday" sport flying, sizzling 3D maneuvers, and serious IMAC competition!

  • Factory-painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants match the look of Matt Chapman's full-scale favorite.

  • Canopy doubles as a convenient hatch that lifts off for fast access to the spacious radio compartment.

  • Premium, custom heavy-duty hardware included — hinges, control horns, pushrods and more to carry the model through demanding maneuvers with confidence.

  • Uses two servos to actuate each aileron control surface, providing the muscle for crisp, precise deflection.

  • Steerable tailwheel provides positive ground handling.

parts layout
You can assemble this ARF in as little as 15-20 hours. The airframe features built-up wood construction with factory-applied Top Flite® MonoKote® covering. A fiberglass cowl and wheel pants are also included, as well as a pilot figure (not shown).

stabilizer halves
Stabilizer halves, each with its own elevator servo, slide onto aluminum joiners and remove easily for transport. Positive rudder control is provided by dual servos, which are coupled using supplied linkage hardware created expressly for large-scale models.

dual servo ailerons
Each wing half of the 1/3 scale Matt Chapman CAP 580 uses two servos to actuate its aileron control surface. This provides the muscle for crisp deflection, enabling the model to excel in 3D aerobatics and IMAC competition as well as during "everyday" sport flying.

stabilizer halves
Like its main wing, the CAP 580's stabilizer halves slide onto aluminum joiners and remove easily for transport. Each half has its own servo for elevator actuation. The steerable tailwheel provides positive ground handling.

Stock Number: GPMA1285
Wingspan: 99.5 in (2525 mm)
Wing Area: 1885 in² (121.6 dm²)
Weight: 26.5-28 lb (12.0-12.7 kg)
Fuselage Length: 95 in (2415 mm)
Wing Loading: 32-34 oz/ft² (99-104 g/dm²)
Engine Required: 4.2-7.2 cu in (80-120 cc) glow or gasoline
Radio Required: 4-6 channel radio w/1-2 standard (6 high-torque and 2 giant high-torque servos)
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PDFHow to Tighten Covering on ARF Models

Learn more about Matt Chapman and the CAP 580 he pilots in airshows around the world.

Wings and joiner
The wing of Matt Chapman's full-size CAP 580 spans 24 feet — and this model spans over a third of that, at 99.5 inches! Despite its size, however, the Great Planes CAP 580 ARF is easy to transport, with wing panels that remove easily and reattach quickly at the field.

adjustable wing joiner
The fuselage offers two locations for the aluminum tube that joins the main wing halves. This allows you to adjust the plane's wing position to achieve the proper center of gravity, no matter what engine you choose from the recommended range.

canopy/radio hatch
The CAP 580's canopy doubles as a convenient hatch that lifts off for fast access to your receiver battery and other on-board radio equipment. Adding to the model's sport-scale realism are accurate sponsor decals and a lifelike pilot bust, already painted and installed.

factory-painted fiberglass cowl
Like the rest of this model, its factory-painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants closely match the look of Matt Chapman's full-scale airshow favorite. The included spinner — part of a hardware package specifically engineered for giant-scale flying – is painted to match the cowl.

Matt Chapman and Don Anderson Anderson

"I'm thrilled with how accurately Great Planes reproduced the trim scheme of my CAP 580 on this model. As an R/C pilot and IMAC competitor myself, I enjoy flying it almost as much as the full-size aircraft!"

Matt Chapman
Matt Chapman
Commercial & Airshow Pilot
Pictured with Great Planes
Founder Don Anderson