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Giant U-Can-Do 3D ARF

Giant U-Can-Do 3D ARFThe "big easy" in 3D aerobatics!

Now going to the extreme has never been so easy...or so eye-catching! The Giant U-Can-Do 3D ARF lets you spread your wings into large-scale aerobatics, with IMAA-legal dimensions that make it a breeze to keep sight of — while also creating a “WOW!” factor among fellow fliers. And don‘t let its size fool you: this model is surprisingly maneuverable, with aerobatic capabilities that will challenge even veteran 3D pilots!

  • Constructed of the finest materials — quality wood, durable fiberglass and genuine Top Flite MonoKote covering.

  • For attachment ease at the field, the wing panels slide into an aluminum joiner tube, and are held in place with nylon bolts.

  • Almost all servos are mounted externally, for ease of installation and strong, quick response.

  • Large control surface deflections make for a wide range of aerobatic capability. Explore mixing combinations for even more 3D fun!

parts layout

Anxious fliers will appreciate that the Giant U-Can-Do 3D ARF can be flight-ready in just 6-8 hours.

wheel pants

The wheel pants bolt on simply and securely, and — like the cowl — are made of fiberglass and prepainted to match the trim scheme.


While moderate aerobatics — including hovering — are possible with a 2-stroke or 4-stroke 1.20 engine, the sky‘s the limit when the Giant U-Can-Do 3D ARF is equipped with a 1.60 FX power plant like the one shown here!

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Stock Number:
Wingspan: 82 in (2085 mm)
Wing Area: 1772 in² (114 dm²)
Weight: 12.5-13.5 lb (5.6-6.1 kg)
Wing Loading: 16.1-17.4 oz/ft² (49-53 g/dm²)
Length: 84 in (2135 mm)
Requires: 2-stroke or 4-stroke 1.20-1.60 cu in (20-26 cc) glow engine, 4+ channel radio w/8 standard servos (8+ channel computerized radio with digital servos is highly recommended), prop
PDFProduct Manual - Parts Listing

PDFHow to Tighten Covering on ARF Models

Don Anderson

“Not only is the Giant U-Can-Do 3D ARF the largest of the three glow-powered U-Can-Do 3D‘s by far the most impressive! And visual appeal is only part of the package: this easy-building, IMAA-legal stunter continues the U-Can-Do legacy of ’anything goes‘ aerobatics — especially when equipped with an engine at the top of the recommended range!”

Don Anderson
Don Anderson
Great Planes Model Manufacturing