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Super Skybolt ARF

Super Skybolt ARF

Ready for

in no time!

With the Super Skybolt ARF, the only things standing between the pilot and a first performance at the field are a few hours of fast, easy assembly. There's no need to build: The airframe is built light, strong and straight. The hardware is generous and Great Planes' best. And the performance is everything an aerobat could want: crisp and precise in execution, silky smooth in transition and adept at making a pilot's best look better than ever. The Super Skybolt offers the elegance of yesteryear's air show greats with the ease that comes with Great Planes' best ARF engineering.

  • Ready to take center stage in as little as 12-15 hours!

  • Almost a full pound lighter than the kit, for stronger climbs and quicker response overall!

  • Simplified strut design strengthens structures, speeds assembly — and eliminates unsightly screw-down brackets!

  • Fast, smooth and predictable in flight, with a long tail moment to ensure true tracking.

  • Performs classic air show maneuvers with ease and grace — just right for straight, level flight and impressive, low-level flybys!

parts layout
Kit quality — ARF ease! The Super Skybolt is built like the best kits, with a lightweight wood airframe, a four-color trim scheme, painted fiberglass parts and Great Planes-brand hardware.
The hardware and accessories package offers convenience, completeness and quality in the same package, and a gleaming aluminum spinner and steerable tailwheel assembly as bonuses.
  aluminum spinner
bottom wing  
The striking red and white checkerboard pattern on the bottom wing makes it easy to tell which way is up — even at a distance!
They look like they took hours to compete, but the lightweight fiberglass cowl and wheel pants come out of the box painted, and ready for installation.
  inset 4
aileron servo  
Faster response, simpler installation. An aileron servo on the underside of each bottom wing half provides the power for both wings…and spectacular aerobatics.

Stock Number: GPMA1242
Wingspan: 57 in (1450 mm)
Wing Area: 924 in² (60 dm²)
Weight: 7.7 lb (3.49 kg)
Wing Loading: 19.2 oz/ft² (59 g/dm²)
Length: 53 in (1345 mm)
Requires: 2-stroke .60-.75 cu in or 4-stroke .70-.91 cu in engine, 4-channel radio w/5 servos, glow fuel and support equipment. Pilot figure not included.
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