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Fling DLG

Great Planes Fling DLG

Soaring made easy — and affordable.

Let the Fling DL Sport ARF introduce you to the ease and excitement of discus launching! More and more modelers are gravitating to this category of gliders, because DLGs do not require special equipment or even a strong throwing arm to get a model airborne. Plus, the Fling DL Sport ARF is priced to be affordable for nearly every hobbyist!

Expertly covered with Top Flite MonoKote
  • The Fling DL Sport ARF can be ready for its first discus launch after just 2-3 hours of straightforward assembly.

  • Quality construction adds strength while also minimizing weight.

  • Radio gear mounts easily inside the fiberglass fuselage pod.

  • The rudder and elevator control surfaces utilize a lightweight, easy-to-install pull/pull linkage system.

Wrap your fingers around the carbon throwing peg (it can be located in either wing half for right- or left-hand use). Spin the Fling DL like a discus. Its long tail and broad, stiff wing with AG45 airfoil create powerful lift from the momentum of the spin. Release your grip — and watch your Fling DL soar to 100-foot or greater altitudes!
wingtip with peg

Launch the Fling DL ARF using your right or left-hand — the carbon throwing peg can be installed in either wing half.

parts layout

The bolt-on, wood-sheeted wing — reinforced with carbon fiber for strength — is already covered in heat shrink film. Radio gear mounts easily into the fiberglass fuselage pod.

The Fling DL ARF's long tail contributes to aerodynamics that result in powerful discus-style launches. Rudder and elevator control surfaces are actuated using a lightweight, easy-to-install pull/pull linkage system.
Stock Number: GPMA1070
Wingspan: 59.75 in (1520 mm)
Wing Area: 340 in² (22 dm²)
Weight: 12-14 oz (340-400 g)
Wing Loading: 5.1-5.9 oz/ft² (16-18 g/dm²)
Length: 39.5 in (1000 mm)
Requires: 4-channel radio with mini receiver, 4 micro servos & 350mAh micro battery pack
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