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Almost Ready-To-Fly 2-Meter Sailplane

Spirt Elite ARFContest-quality performance...ARF ease!

This model, the ARF version of the sailplane that won the prestigious International Glider of the Year award in Nurnberg, features thermal-surfing aerodynamics! Designed for intermediate to experienced sailplane pilots seeking competition-class maneuverability, the versatile Spirit Elite ARF makes full use of computer mixing capabilities, including "CROW" mixing.

Expertly covered with Top Flite MonoKote
  • Ready for launching in just hours—leaving more time for setting up and experimenting with sailplane mixes!

  • Fiberglass fuselage reduces drag and increases durability—arrives gel-coated in white for a sleek finish.

  • Built up wood wing features a genuine MonoKote® finish and a triple taper planform for improved lift and reduced tip drag.

  • Advanced Selig/Ashok Gopalarathnam SA7035 and SA7036 airfoils enhance speed and offer easy wind penetration without requiring additional ballast.

  • A 2-piece wing design and built-in locations for flap and aileron servos provide welcome convenience.

  • Mounting locations for aileron and flap servos are prebuilt into the factory-assembled wing.

  • Routing wire passages with pre-installed pull strings aid in guiding servo leads through the wing panels.

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Flying Shot
You can use a radio's "CROW" mixing functions to lower flaps, raise ailerons and slow down quickly for spot landings. Take advantage of a computer radio's mixing capabilities to make in-flight airfoil modifications that maximize speed or lift.
Radio Gear
Gaining access to the radio gear is as easy as removing the painted fiberglass canopy. Cutouts in the servo tray simplify mounting of the receiver and elevator and rudder servos.
Stock Number: GPMA1047
Wingspan: 78.5 in (1994 mm)
Wing Area: 645 in² (41.6 dm²)
Weight: 41-43 oz (1.16-1.22 kg)
Wing Loading: 9.1-9.6 oz/ft² (27-29 g/dm²)
Length: 46 in (1168 mm)
Requires: 4-6 channel radio with 6 mini or micro servos
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