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Tech Notice
Reactor 3D


It's the ARF that's capable of all types of flight! The Reactor 3D is the most versatile aircraft ever conceived — because it was engineered that way from the start. It performs equally well in extreme 3-D, precision/pattern and Sunday sport flying; all with either the power of a glow engine or brushless electric motor.

  • It's the best of both worlds: a sleek, modern design complemented by conventional built-up, all-wood construction.
  • The Reactor 3D's ultra-thin (9%) airfoil allows for easy transition in and out of high alpha flight.
  • Another performance benefit is the exceptionally wide speed range: it can fly slow on demand, but is also capable of speeds that similar models can't come close to.
  • Flies well with your choice of a glow engine or brushless electric motor!
  • Transitions easily in and out of 3D, pattern and sport flight.
  • A low parts count makes final assembly a breeze.


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Parts Don with the Reactor high-quality construction
A low parts count means that the Reactor 3D can be flight-ready in as little as 5-6 hours.  

“Everything about the Reactor 3D equates to excellent flight performance. It has a sleek, modern design — and flies great with glow or brushless power.”

- Don Anderson, Founder
  Great Planes Model Manufacturing

  Like all Great Planes models, high-quality construction is very evident throughout the Reactor 3D. The laser-cut wood parts are keyed for a secure, interlocking fit that strengthens the entire structure while also reducing overall weight.

bolt pattern cowl and wheel pants battery hatch
The bolt pattern on the firewall lines up exactly for either a .46-.70 glow engine like the FS-70 II Surpass pictured (OSMG0872), or a motor mount for installing a brushless outrunner motor – such as the ElectriFly™ Rimfire™ C42-60-480kV (GPMG4715) shown here.   The cowl and wheel pants are made of quality fiberglass, and painted to match the dazzling trim scheme.   The battery hatch opens for easy access to the on-board radio gear and LiPo packs.

removable wing patterns
The wing panels are removable for easy transportation.   The tailwheel attaches easily, and is steerable to offer better ground handling.    

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Stock Number: GPMA1021
Wingspan: 58 in (1475 mm)
Wing Area: 745 in² (48.1 dm²)
Weight RTF: 5.25-6.16 lb (2.41-2.72 kg)
Wing Loading: 16-18 oz/in² (50-57 g/dm²)
Length: 59 in (1500 mm)
Glow Engine Requirements: 2-stroke .46-.51 cu in or 4-stroke .70 cu in support equipment
Electric Motor Requirements:42 mm brushless outrunner motor, 60A brushless ESC, (2) 3200mAh 3-Cell LiPo battery
Radio Gear Requires: 4+ channel radio w/5-6 servos