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Giant Aeromaster™

Giant Aeromaster photo

Giant scale thrills made easy

Hungry for powerful barnstorming performance? Great Planes' Giant Aeromaster delivers the goods to do it all with surprising ease. For anyone who's flown a .60, it's a fine first step into jaw-dropping giant scale!

  • Strong, CAD-engineered construction features precisely die-cut, interlocking balsa/ply parts for easy, enjoyable assembly.

  • Precision-formed ABS parts (3-piece cowl, 2-piece wheel pants) add realism and simplify building.

  • Wing leading edges come preshaped for faster assembly.

  • Performs well with glow engines, such as the O.S.® BGX-3500, SuperTigre G-3250 and SuperTigre G-4500.

  • Flown with gasoline engines, the Giant Aeromaster has almost no performance limitations!

"We've engineered this giant-scale kit for easy assembly and control - but it also packs the muscle you need for ballistic aerobatics."

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Don Anderson
Great Planes Model Manufacturing

Stock Number:
Wingspan: 73.5 in (1865 mm)
Wing Area: 1810 in² (116.7 dm²)
Weight: 17-19 lb (7.48-8.39 kg)
Wing Loading: 21.4 to 24 oz/ft² (65-73 g/dm²)
Length: 63.5 in (1613 mm)
Requires: 30 cc-60 cc gasoline or 1.98-2.76 cu in (32-45 cc) glow engine & 4-channel radio w/6 servos

Technical Data: control throws, center of gravity, etc.