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Tech Notice

SlowPoke Sport 40 PhotoGives maneuvers a "Golden Age" twist!

Pilot photo

Here's a fine way to bring an old faithful .40 engine back to active duty-or to ease gently into exciting low-wing flight. A fast, effortless assembly project, the aileron-equipped SlowPoke Sport 40 maneuvers smoothly and accents your aerobatics with vintage styling. It's mid-size, but there's enormous wing area... you may feel like you're flying a giant!

  • Flight-ready after just a few weekends of easy kit assembly.

  • Aileron-equipped to perform rolls, snaps and other exciting maneuvers!

  • High-lift wing lets you slow for a smooth touchdown...wide-stance landing gear makes ground handling easy.

  • Handles paved runways or grass with equal ease.

  • Engine bolts onto a built-in mounting most cases, no additional nose weight is needed for balance.

  • Features precisely interlocking wood parts and detailed, photo-illustrated instructions.

  • Very generously sized radio compartment offers room to spare for an "extra-large" fuel tank, if desired.

SlowPoke Sport 40 Aileron Servo Photo
Because the wing is equipped with ailerons operated by separate aileron servos for positive control, the SlowPoke Sport 40 can readily execute rolls, snaps and other exciting maneuvers. It's a versatile "Sunday" plane that you'll always be eager to fly.
You can build the SlowPoke Sport 40 in just a couple of weekends. The kit includes precisely interlocking wood parts, with extremely little carving required. Full-size, computer-generated plans and photo-illustrated instructions further simplify assembly.
SlowPoke Sport 40 Uncovered Photo
SlowPoke Sport 40 Flying Photo
The SlowPoke Sport 40 offers generous wing area-nearly as much as some "giant scale" kits. That produces a very light wing loading and impressive lifting power. As a result, though enjoyably aerobatic, the plane will also slow to a crawl for relaxing flight and easy landings.

Stock Number: GPMA0492
Wingspan: 61.5 in (1560 mm
Wing Area: 1076 in² (69.4 dm²)
Weight: 6-6.5 lb (2.72-2.95 kg)
Wing Loading: 13-14.25 oz/ft² (40-43 g/dm²) Length: 49 in (1245 mm)
Required: 2-stroke .32-.46 cu in or 4-stroke .40-.52 cu in engine & 4-channel radio with 5 standard or mini servos
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Technical Data: control throws, center of gravity, etc.