The Great Planes Slowpoke 40 Named 2001-2002 Model Airplane Kit of the Year

SlowPoke Sport 40 Photo

Leading model magazine publishers from around the world have declared the Great Planes Model Mfg. SlowPoke Sport 40 to be the industry's best new R/C airplane! By garnering the highest total score in the prestigious Model of the Year competition, the SlowPoke Sport 40 was awarded the title of 2001-2002 Model Airplane Kit of the Year.

Founded in 1979 by Guy Revel, a respected columnist for several of Europe's leading model magazines, the Model of the Year Awards is a competition designed to recognize those R/C airplanes deemed to have attained the highest design and manufacturing standards. After building and testing numerous kits submitted by the industry's top R/C airplane manufacturers, a panel of reputable editors and columnists from the top international modeling magazines then cast their ballots...and the SlowPoke Sport 40 earned top honors.

Upon inspection of the SlowPoke Sport 40, it's easy to see what impressed the judges: lightweight, interlocking wood parts and illustated, easy-to-follow instructions shorten frame-up time considerably, and the plane is designed to fly well with all popular .40-size sport engines. Its high-lift wing allows modelers to slow to a crawl for confident touchdowns, and a wide-stance landing gear provides stable ground handling. Barndoor ailerons on the wing offer aerobatic potential for performing fun fly-style maneuvers, and a dual aileron servo setup is standard. Lastly, the SlowPoke Sport 40 boasts nostalgic styling that calls to mind the "Golden Age" of aviation, and is sure to turn heads at the flying field.

The presentation of the 2001-2002 Model Airplane Kit of the Year Award for the Great Planes SlowPoke Sport 40 was held at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 1st at the Great Planes Model Distributors Company booth at the Nuremburg Toy Fair in Nuremburg, Germany.