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Dazzler delivers unlimited fun on a limited budget

As a Sunday sport plane for practicing aerobatics, or for use in club "fun-fly" events, the Great Planes Dazzler can't be beat! This nimble model cuts costs—for example, it performs very well with an economical "bushing" .40 engine—but doesn't cut corners when it comes to flying excitement. For the impatient pilot, the Dazzler features a low number of lightweight, all-wood parts and straightforward construction that speeds assembly. Hatches in the fuselage provide convenient, easy access to the fuel tank and radio gear. And with its compact size, the Dazzler can easily be transported to the field in a small car in one piece.

  • Control surfaces are twice the normal size, for added maneuverability

  • Nearly symmetrical airfoil and oversized control surfaces provide amazing "snap" for rocketing rolls and other wild aerobatics

  • Dual aileron servos speed up response while also reducing flutter

  • Includes pre-bent, taildragger landing gear, photo-illustrated instructions and a "Dazzler" name decal for the wing

All of these great features, along with its low price, make the Dazzler the perfect choice for pilots wanting an all-wood plane for "low-risk" aerobatics.

Bare bones builtup Fuel tank and access hatch
This large, removable hatch gives you fast access to the Dazzler's fuel tank and lines. It's just one of many built-in conveniences that reduce workshop and flying field hassles-making the kit simple and sensational!
With its nearly symmetrical airfoil and these oversized control surfaces, the Dazzler offers amazing "snap" for rocketing rolls and other wild aerobatics. Dual aileron servos speed up response while also reducing flutter.
Radio compartment
Though compact, the Dazzler is also efficiently engineered to make smart use of space. Its servo tray has been built into the wing's center section. A hatch on the bottom of the fuselage allows quick access to your radio gear.

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"Got the urge for wild aerobatics? Just throw your Dazzler in the car and go! It's designed for easy assembly, sized for easy travel-and engineered for outrageous flying."

Don Anderson
Don Anderson
Great Planes Model Manufacturing

Stock Number: GPMA0480
Wingspan: 48 in (1219 mm)
Wing Area: 578 in² (37.3 dm²)
Weight: 3.5-4 lb (1.59-1.81 kg)
Fuselage Length: 43 in (1092 mm)
Requires: 2-stroke .32-.40 cu in engine, 4-channel radio w/5 servos & 2 rolls MonoKote
PDFProduct Manual - Parts Listing

Technical Data: control throws, center of gravity, etc.