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F-4 Phantom II


F-4 Phantom II Photo

Enjoy military jet looks and muscle ... with prop - driven ease

One of the Vietnam era's best fighter-bombers, the U.S. F-4 Phantom II jet could out- maneuver surface-to-air missiles and carry eight tons of munitions. Great Planes skillfully captures the "Rhino's" fuselage contours, upswept wing and distinctive tail anhedral in this dramatic sport plane-an easy-building kit that'll give you .60-size goosebumps!

  • CAD-engineered, interlocking wood parts-and exceptionally detailed, photo-illustrated instructions-make this F-4 an easy project for any moderately experienced kit builder.

  • Precision-molded ABS parts quickly reproduce complex contours...full-color decals provide realistic markings (including the familiar "shark mouth").

  • Internally concealed control linkages maintain scale lines and enhance aerodynamics.

  • Removable canopy and tail hatch provide easy access for fuel tank and radio gear installation.

  • Includes steerable nose and fixed main landing gear-plans and instructions show optional retract installation for added realism.

"People will take notice when the F-4 performs, but you don't even need to leave the ground to wow 'em at the field."
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Don Anderson
Great Planes Model Manufacturing

Stock Number:
Wingspan: 50 in (1280 mm)
Wing Area: 880 in² (57 dm²)
Weight: 10-11 lb (4.54-4.99 kg)
Wing Loading: 22-25 oz/ft² (68-76 g/dm²)
Fuselage Length: 64.5 in (1640 mm)
Requires: 2-stroke .61-.75 cu in (10-12.5 cc) engine & 4-channel radio with 4-6 servos

Technical Data: control throws, center of gravity, etc.