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Tracer main picThe easy step up to aerobatic precision

After mastering sport models, you want to try your hand at precise, pattern-like aerobatics. Make the transition with surprisingly little effort and expense using Great Planes' Tracer. Unlike fiberglass models, it builds quickly from CAD engineered, perfectly interlocking wood parts - in a kit with the completeness you have come to expect from Great Planes. And since it flies well with a sport .40 engine, your budget also gets a break!

  • Tracks arrow-straight, with positive control response and comforting low-speed transitions.

  • Delivers responsive, exhilarating flight performance without requiring high-torque servos, "hot" engines, tuned pipes and other expensive gear.

  • Engineered very similar to large, expensive pattern kits - even uses the popular Eppler 168 airfoil.

  • Dual aileron servos simplify set-up and increase the precision of aileron response for crisp aerobatics.

  • Photo-illustrated assembly manual also covers installation of optional retracts (Hobbico Mechanical Retracts, HCAP4010, recommended).

Tracer uncovered
Fiberglass pattern kits may require you to learn new building methods. The Tracer's balsa/ply construction - with D-tube wing, balsa fuselage sides, fully sheeted turtle deck, built-up tail surfaces and ABS cowl - uses skills most experienced sport modelers have already acquired.
Tracer tail
Elevator halves use dual pushrods - a "straight" linkage set-up for maximum control surface accuracy and authority. The elevators can be adjusted independently for maximum precision.
Tracer action pic
With its long moments, the Tracer goes exactly where you point it. That accuracy, along with crisp control response and low-speed stability, helps you comfortably expand your repertoire to include precision aerobatics.

Stock Number: GPMA0400
Wingspan: 52.5 in (1335 mm)
Wing Area: 514 in² (33.2 dm²)
Weight: 5-5.5 lb (2.27-2.49 kg)
Length: 54 in (1370 mm)
Requires: 2-stroke .40-.51 cu in (6.5-8.5 cc) or 4-stroke .52-.70 cu in (8.5-11.5 cc) engine & 4-channel radio with 5 standard servos (optional retract use requires 5-channel radio and additional retract servo.
PDFProduct Manual - Parts Listing

Technical Data: control throws, center of gravity, etc.