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Ultra Sport 40

Ultra Sport 40Offers everything from second-plane stability to wild 3D agility!

Once a pilot appreciates the full potential of the Ultra Sport 40 Plus, there's no reason to consider flying anything else. Its versatility make it an ideal choice for an amazingly wide range of pilots. At one end, it's the perfect step up for fliers who've just mastered trainers, as capable of mild aerobatics as comforting stability. At the other, it's a showcase for a master's piloting skills, a 3D powerhouse that can easily flow from a waterfall to a sudden elevator into a motionless hover — and serve up a torque roll for dessert. The potential for both kinds of performance, or any combination of the two, is there. All it takes to unleash it is the right set-up — and the Ultra Sport 40 Plus.

  • Offers the same sleek lines of the legendary Ultra-Sport with a whole new spectrum of performance possibilities.

  • A fully symmetrical NACA63014 airfoil supports the most extreme 3D moves imaginable, yet offers the stability for low-speed landings.

  • Three landing gear options! Landing gear for fixed tricycle or taildragger configurations are included — retractable taildragger option (retracts required) improves aerodynamics.

  • No specialty or digital servos required. Delivers spectacular maneuvers with low-cost standard servos.

  • Extra-wide CG range offers pilots far more flexibility in "tuning" performance to preferences and needs.

  • CAD-engineered, all-wood parts quickly align and interlock, creating the strength needed to withstand extra-aerobatic moves.

engine mount
The adjustable engine mount will adapt to any engine in the recommended range, from a low-cost bushing .40 to a 4-stroke .70 powerhouse.

elevator and rudder
Huge control surfaces in the tail offer massive maneuvering power. The elevators account for nearly half of the stab — the rudder, for almost 2/3 of the fin's surface area Moving the CG back leaves stability unchanged, but multiplies the tail's authority!

radio compartment
The radio compartment is spacious, sized for easy installation. Installing your flight battery in the optional aft compartment offers an easy way to lighten and balance a heavy nose without adding weights to the tail!
Don Anderson

"The Ultra Sport 40 Plus will remind you of the original Ultra Sport 40 in looks, but the performance range is like nothing you've ever seen before. Buy it as a second plane, and it can 'grow' to keep pace with your flying skills. Buy it for 3D aerobatics, and it's a star with no performance limits!"

Don Anderson
Don Anderson
Great Planes Model Manufacturing

Stock Number: GPMA0390
Wingspan: 58.5 in (1485 mm)
Wing Area: 595 in² (38.4 dm²)
Weight: 5.3-5.7 lbs (2.40-2.60 kg)
Wing Loading: 20.5-22.3 oz/ft² (63-68 g/dm²)
Length: 46 in (1170 mm)
Requires: 2-stroke .40- .52 cu in or 4-stroke .52 to .70 cu in, 4-channel radio w/5 standard servos & 3 rolls MonoKote.
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Technical Data: control throws, center of gravity, etc.