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Extra 300L FAQ Giant Extra 330L

Giant Extra 330L PhotoThis Extra is like no other.

Its extraordinary dimensions will make it the center of attention at the flying field -and in the air - but the most remarkable features of Great Planes' Giant Extra 330L are that it's an all-wood kit and its incredible light weight. No composites are used, so it assembles using familiar building techniques, and it is engineered to weigh up to 1/3 less than similar-sized aerobats. That makes this Extra ideal for getting into giant scale, as well as an exceptional choice for unlimited-level competition!

  • Interlocking all-wood wing construction and a former/stringer fuselage combine assembly ease with superior strength, and also results in a plane that's surprisingly lightweight for its size.

  • The wing, stabilizer and fin are built-up airfoils using interlocking webs for quick, worry-free construction on your work bench. The wing and stab are both tube-mounted for easy attachment and removal with just two hex screws for quick, easy assembly at the field.

  • Quality touches found on this kit include the fiberglass wheel pants and cowl, plus heavy-duty aluminum landing gear.

  • The instruction manual walks you through every step of assembly, and also features tips on operating computer radios and performing 3D maneuvers.

Wings being attached photo
The wings and stabilizer remove and attach quickly with heavy-duty tube mounts; since the landing gear remains attached, the fuselage can be rolled along the ground.
Cowl removed photo
The engine mounts easily to the firewall box for added strength, and to allow for a variety of engine choices; Mac Minarelli's 70 and 85 twins are excellent gasoline power plants for performing aerobatics.
Mounted servo photo
Either one or two servos can be mounted in each wing half working with the huge control surfaces to deliver scintillating precision flight.

"It's the biggest kit we've ever produced, but don't let the size intimidate you. This unique Extra is all-wood, so it builds with the familiarity of a much smaller model. Plus, it weighs considerably less than similar sized planes, which makes it very aerobatic, as well as forgiving."

Don Anderson
Don Anderson
Great Planes Model Manufacturing

Stock Number: GPMA0250
Wing Span:100.5 in (2553 mm)
Wing Area: 1670 in² (107.7 dm²)
Wing Loading: 26.2-30.3 oz/ft² (80-92.5 g/dm²)
Weight: 18-25 lb (8.17-11.34 kg)
Fuselage Length: 86.25 in (2191 mm)
Requires: 2-stroke or 4-stroke 2.8-5.25 cu in (50-85 cc) glow or gasoline engine, 4-channel radio for glow, 6-channel for gas (6-channel computer radio recommended for both glow and gas) w/6-10+ servos, 6+ rolls of MonoKote covering
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Technical Data: control throws, center of gravity, etc.