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Giles G-202

GPM Giles G-202

Huge performance range - from docile to dynamite!

Its designer, two-time U.S. IMAC National Freestyle Champion Mike Cross, modestly describes this kit as "versatile." And how! With a mild .46 engine, it's comfortably slow and suitable as a second model. With a hot .61 FX, it's a 6-pound IMAC performer. And why stop there? The Giles G-202 can handle even a 4-stroke .91, for the ultimate in extreme aerobatics!

  • Thoroughly CAD-engineered to build fast, straight and strong; takes maximum advantage of self-aligning, slot and tab construction

  • Exceptionally durable, with longitudinal ply rails inside the fuselage that absorb "touchdown" stress from the heavy-duty aluminum landing gear

  • Simplifies maintenance with a removable fuel tank mounting tray that easily slides in and out of the fuselage

  • Radio compartment offers plenty of room to install optional twin elevator servos which simplifies radio set-up, tightens linkages and boosts servo power
wing interlocking parts
With its full-span interlocking sheer webs, the Giles G-202 wing aligns itself from tip to tip for confident building, flat on the plans. A sheeted turtledeck eliminates the effort required to carve and shape blocks of wood.
dual aileron servos
The Giles G-202's dual aileron servos deliver swift, sure input for greater control authority—a real plus when you're performing demanding aerobatics that require razor-sharp precision.
modeler flying Giles
In the hands of an experienced pilot, the Giles G-202 can flat-out fly! Loaded with aerobatic potential, it's a competition-legal contender for IMAC scale events, and easily capable of the Unlimited class maneuvers.

"You won't find another sport-scale kit that's as versatile as this. Depending on your engine choice, the Giles G-202 can be a smooth Sunday flier or perform any unlimited IMAC maneuver with ease."

Don Anderson
Don Anderson
Great Planes Model Manufacturing

Stock Number: GPMA0238
Wingspan: 59.3 in (1506 mm)
Wing Area: 617 in² (39.8 dm²)
Weight: 6-7 lb (2.72-3.18 kg)
Fuselage Length: 55.4 in (1407 mm)
Requires: 2-stroke .46-.61 cu in (7.5-10 cc) or 4-stroke .70-.91 cu in (11.5-15 cc) engine, 4+ channel radio with 5-6 servos (twin aileron servos required) & 3 rolls MonoKote
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Technical Data: control throws, center of gravity, etc.