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Rapture 40, .40-.52 Size Sport Model Kit

Rapture 40Simplicity that sizzles.

Get back to the basics of sport flying—where you don't need computer radios, expensive engines and months of workshop time to enjoy exciting aerobatics. With 4-channel control and an economical .40-size engine, the Rapture 40 performs powerful maneuvers…and handles easily enough to be a confident step up after you've mastered your trainer.

  • High-quality, lightweight, precisely interlocking balsa and ply construction.

  • A Selig 8036 airfoil provides strong, versatile aerobatic capabilities.

  • Primarily open frame wing structure without cap strips makes assembly fast and simple.

  • For quick access, the fuel tank installs securely on a removable tray—just remove a couple of screws to slide it in and out for maintenance.

  • Included adjustable engine mount accepts any engine in the recommended range.

interlocking parts
Balsa and ply parts interlock perfectly to produce a strong, lightweight airframe. With no flaps or retracts and limited use of sheeting, the kit can be built and covered in a few weeks. A vacuum-formed, clear canopy and photo-illustrated instructions are included.
adjustable rails
Instead of a die-cut tray, Great Planes includes adjustable rails for servo installation—a method that fits virtually any appropriate servo. Openings for your radio system's receiver switch and battery charging jack have already been cut from the fuselage side.
radio installation
The Rapture 40 requires only a basic 4-channel radio control system—because there are no retracts or flaps, and the ailerons are operated by a single servo. On-board components fit perfectly into the model's generously sized fuselage compartment.

Don Anderson

“Following in the tradition of the legendary Super Sportster and Ultra Sport, our Rapture 40 is a perfect choice to develop your aerobatic piloting skills—keeping costs low, assembly easy, and performance at its best.”

Don Anderson
Don Anderson
Great Planes Model Manufacturing

Stock Number: GPMA0220
Wingspan: 60 in (1525 mm)
Wing Area: 635 in² (41 dm²)
Weight: 4.5-5.25 lb (2.04-2.35 kg)
Wing Loading: 16-19 oz/ft² (50-57 g/dm²)
Length: 46.5 in (1185 mm)
Engine Required: 2-stroke .40–.50 cu in or 4-stroke .40-.52 cu in
Radio Required: 4-channel with 4 servos
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