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Easy Sport

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The perfect step up from a basic trainer.

With the affordable Easy Sport 40, experienced trainer pilots can learn to fly maneuvers like those performed by the pros. This innovative, easy-to-build Great Planes design offers extremely docile, trainer-like flight performance...but with the potential for lots of exciting aerobatic "pizzazz."

  • Computer-engineered with a light wing loading and the ideal proportions for reassuring low-speed stability.

  • Shoulder-mounted wing with nearly symmetrical airfoil supplies greater maneuverability than a basic trainer allows.

  • High-quality Great Planes construction and thorough, photo-illustrated instructions simplify kit assembly.

  • Includes heavy-duty, 3/16" main landing gear and all hardware needed to build a tricycle model-plus instructions for optional taildragger gear (parts available separately).

  • The Easy Sport 40's interlocking kit construction is ideal for inexperienced builders. Wing leading and trailing edges come preshaped and notched for trouble-free assembly.

  • For easier shoulder wing mounting, the wing fairing is built first as part of the fuselage. It's then removed and permanently attached to the wing to form a stylish wing-to-fuselage match.

  • The Easy Sport 40 comes equipped with a high-quality, vacuum-formed canopy plus many other styling features for far greater realism than most sport/trainer models provide.

"The Easy Sport 40 is for anyone who wants to move up from their basic trainer. We designed this model to teach the skills needed for performing more advanced maneuvers-while providing excellent low speed stability to keep the sport training virtually risk-free."

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Don Anderson
Great Planes Model Manufacturing

Stock Number:
Wingspan: 59.2 in (1505 mm)
Wing Area: 750 in² (48.4 dm²)
Weight: 5.5-6.5 lb (2.50-2.95 kg)
Wing Loading: 18-21 oz/ft² (55-64 g/dm²)
Fuselage Length: 50 in (1270 mm)
Requires: 2-stroke .40-.46 cu in (6.6-7.5 cc) or 4-stroke .48-.70 cu in (8.0-11.5 cc) engine, 4-channel radio w/4 servos & 2+ rolls MonoKote
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Technical Data: control throws, center of gravity, etc.