Ultra Sport 46
A classic aerobatic performer.

  • Flies well with glow OR electric power.
  • Included mechanical retracts enhance performance and style.
  • Large hatch for easy access to on-board gear and battery.
  • The symmetrical airfoil offers a wider aerobatic range.

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The Ultra Sport .46/EP ARF is designed to easily accept a .46-size glow engine or comparable size electric motor, and performs great with either option.
Mechanical retracts boost the Ultra Sport’s overall performance. With the gear up the plane flies faster and looks sleeker — when the gear is down ground handling is solid and predictable.
removable hatch
The large hatch with spring-loaded latch allows for easy radio gear access and LiPo battery changes. A pilot bust is included and installed.
aileron servos
Separate aileron servos allow for more precise control and trim adjustments, as well as customized mixing options.
The cowl is made of high-quality fiberglass, and complements the plane’s balsa and plywood construction.
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Stock Number
55 in (1395 mm)
Wing Area
564 in² (36.4 dm²)
Weight Range
5.5-6.5 lb (2.4-2.9 kg)
Wing Loading
22-26 oz/ft² (67-79 g/dm²)
49.5 in (1255 mm)
4-6 channel radio with minimum 5 standard servos (additional standard servo required for glow power); .46-.55 cu. in. 2-stroke or .70 cu. in. 4-stroke glow engine OR 42-60-480kV electric motor with 75A ESC; 6S 22.2V 3600mAh LiPo battery (electric only); 12 x 7 sport prop (glow power) or 15 x 8 electric power (electric power)

Recommended Products

Radio Requirements:

TACJ2650 Tactic TTX650 6-Channel 2.4GHz SLT Computer Transmitter
TACJ2650 Photo
TACL0625 Tactic TR625 6-Channel Twin Antenna 2.4GHz SLT Receiver
TACL0625 Photo

Servo Requirements:

FUTM0075 (5) Futaba® S9001 Coreless BB Aircraft Servos
FUTM0075 Photo
FUTM0671 (1) Futaba S3170G Digital Retract Servo w/Planetary Gear
FUTM0671 Photo

Glow Requirements:

OSMG0548 O.S.® 46AXII ABL Glow Engine w/Muffler
OSMG0548 Photo
HCAM6416 (1) Hobbico® LiFeSource™ 2S 6.6V 1100mAh LiFe Battery
HCAM6416 Photo
APCQ9890 APC 12 x 7 Sport Prop
APCQ9890 Photo

Electric Requirements:

GPMG4715 Great Planes Rimfire™ .55 42-60-480kV Electric Motor
GPMG4715 Photo
CSEM9700 Castle™ Creations Talon 90 ESC
CSEM9700 Photo
FPWP5366 (1) FlightPower™ 6S 22.2V 3600mAh 50C LiPo Battery
FPWP5366 Photo
GPMM3156 Great Planes ElectriFly™ Triton2 EQ AC/DC Charger
GPMM3156 Photo
APCQ4013 APC 15 x 8 Electric Prop
APCQ4013 Photo

Recommended Options

FUTK6100 Futaba® 6K 6-Channel Radio System-Air
FUTK6100 Photo
FUTM0719 (5) Futaba S3073 HV S.Bus High-Voltage Standard Servos
FUTM0719 Photo
FUTM0671 (1) Futaba S3170G Digital Retract Servo w/Planetary Gear
FUTM0671 Photo
OSMG0557 O.S. 55AXII ABL Glow Engine w/Muffler
OSMG0557 Photo
OSMG0877 O.S. FS72-A Ringed 4-Stroke Engine
OSMG0877 Photo
FPWP5363 (2) FlightPower 3S 11.1V 3600mAh 50C LiPo Battery
FPWP5363 Photo

For a complete list of required items, see the instruction manual. Ask your hobby dealer for additional recommendations.