PT-20/40 MkII PT-20 Photo
Now it's even easier to be a "perfect trainer" builder and pilot.

More R/C pilots have successfully learned to fly with a Perfect Trainer than any other kit. By applying recent engineering advances to these proven models, Great Planes has made them more durable, more stable, and even easier to build!

  • Proper amounts of wing dihedral and washout enable PTs to self-recover from control mishaps - new pilots worry less, learn faster.
  • Extensively photo-illustrated instruction manuals cover kit assembly PLUS building a workbench, choosing tools, preparing for flight...everything a new hobbyist needs to know.
  • Kits include all assembly hardware plus heavy duty landing gear and materials for a bolt-on or rubber band-attached wing.
  • Larger, extra-stable PT-40 MKII takes a .40 engine - a size the pilot could likely reuse in future models.
  • Ideal for small flying sites, PT-20 MKII also lowers startup costs by using an economical.20-size engine.
  • Innovative "interlocking I-beam" engineering simplifies wing construction and maximizes strength. The ribs plug securely into spars and webbing to maintain proper alignment.
  • PT wings are built with ailerons for full 4-channel control, but they can be locked in place for 3-channel operation. Leading and trailing edges come preshaped for easy assembly.


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Stock Number
52.75 in (1340 mm)
Wing Area
515 in² (33.2 dm²)
3.5-4.5 lb (1.59-2.04 kg)
Wing Loading
16-20 oz/ft² (49-61 g/dm²)
Fuselage Length
45.5 in (1160 mm)
2-stroke .15-.25 cu in or 4-stroke .26-.30 cu in engine & 3-4 channel radio with 3-4 servos & 2+ rolls of MonoKote

Recommended Products - PT-20 MKII

OSMG0016 O.S. 15LA ABN .15 Airplane GLow Engine w/Muffler
OSMG0016 Photo
TACJ2410 Tactic TTX410 4-Channel SLT System
TACJ2410 Photo
TACM0235 Tactic TSX35 Standard Sport Servo
TACM0235 Photo

Recommended Options - PT-20 MKII

FUTK4200 Futaba 4YF 4-Channel FHSS System
FUTK4200 Photo
FUTM0710 Futaba S148 Standard Precision Servo
FUTM0710 Photo

Please note: All recommendations are the best choices available at the time of product release. For additional choices, please check with your dealer.

Resources - PT-20 MKII


Stock Number
60 in (1520 mm)
Wing Area
672 in² (43.3 dm²)
5-6 lb (2.27-2.72 kg)
Wing Loading
17-21 oz/ft² (52-64 g/dm²)
Fuselage Length
52.5 in (1335 mm)
2-stroke .35-.46 cu in or 4-stroke .40-.52 cu in engine & 3-4 channel radio with 3-4 servos & 2+ rolls of MonoKote

Resources - PT-40 MKII