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All types of handy, high-quality tools that are invaluable for the builder.

Switch & Charge Jack Mounting Set
Mounting jack lineart

Mounting jack lineart

Only Great Planes enables you to install your radio's power switch and charge jack in one location, using a single mount. For added convenience, to remove the charge plug, you just loosen a single screw!

Easy, single-screw plug lock

Snap-lock charge jack door keeps fuel out

Fits all radio systems

Combines switch and charge jack in one convenient mount (Charge Jack and radio switch not included)

GPMM1000 Switch & Charge Jack Mounting Set 1 set
Adjustable Engine Mounts
Adjustable Engine Mount

Made of strong, reinforced nylon

Beams adjust for an exact fit

With their adjustable beams, our three sizes of mounts will exactly fit any .25-1.20 cubic inch, 2- or 4-stroke engine you use. Landing gear holes are predrilled in two axes, allowing you to mount your engine upright, inverted, left or right.

GPMG1041 Small Adjustable Fits .25-.48 (4-8 cc) 2 & 4-stroke engines
GPMG1061 Medium Adjustable Fits .40-.70 (6-11 cc) 2 & 4-stroke engines
GPMG1091 Large Adjustable Fits .60-1.20 (10-20 cc) 2 & 4-stroke engines
Large Engine Isolation Mount
Large engine isolation mount photo

An easy, efficient way to mount large engines

Sturdy birch/ply mounting plate works well with most large planes, glow or gasoline. Features rubber "isolation mount" bushings to absorb vibration that adversely affects plane and engine performance. A template is provided for easy centering of the U.S Engines bolt mounting pattern

Includes all necessary mounting hardware

PDFProduct Manual

GPMG2000 Large Engine Isolation Mount
ProGlo™ NiCd Starter Clips
ProGlo NiCd Starter Clips

With their advanced electro-mechanical design, ProGlo clips last for years! Versions with built-in meter show plug condition at a glance.

Lock-on with cordless convenience

Require a rechargeable sub-C NiCd (not included)

GPMP2010 Standard ProGlo 1 pc.
GPMP2011 Long ProGlo 1 pc.
GPMP2012 Standard ProGlo w/charger 1 set
GPMP2013 Long ProGlo w/charger 1 set
GPMP2022 Metered Standard ProGlo 1 pc.
GPMP2023 Metered Long ProGlo 1 pc.
GPMP2030 Metered Cap 1 pc.
Self Adhesive Lead Weights
Lead weight lineart

Marked and pre-cut segments-6 oz. total 2 pcs.

GPMQ4485 1/4 oz. (7 g)
Single-Sided Foam Tape
Foam tape lineart

Perfect for wing saddles

GPMQ4422 1/16" x 36” (1.6 mm x 915 mm)
GPMQ4424 1/8" x 36” (3.2 mm x 915 mm)
Double-Sided Foam Tape
Foam tape lineart

Great for mounting servos, etc.

GPMQ4440 1/2" x 36” (13 mm x 915 mm)
GPMQ4442 1" x 36” (25 mm x 915 mm)
Hex Wrenches
Hex wrench lineart

Handy in your workshop or field box

GPMR8020 5 pc. Short Arm Includes .050", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32" & 7/64" 1 set
GPMR8021 5 Pc. Long Arm Includes .050", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32" & 7/64" 1 set
Precision Wing Jig
Wing jig lineart

Helps you build straight wings every time. Perfect for symmetrical and semi-symmetrical airfoils.

ZipProduct Manual - Parts Listing -

GPMR2300 Precision Wing Jig Kit
Plan Protector
Plan Protector photo

Keeps kit plans in crisp, clean, perfect condition, while still offering you a clear view of them during construction. Large width allows plans to remain spread out on the building surface for quick and easy reference. Material repels modeling adhesives better than waxed paper.

Each roll contains a generous 25 feet of plan protector - enough for several building projects.

PDFProduct Manual

[ Check out reviews by R/C Report & RC Universe ]

GPMR6167 Plan Protector
Hook & Loop
Hook & loop lineart

Hundreds of handy uses

GPMQ4480 1" x 6" (25 mm x 150 mm) 2 pcs.
Prop Balancer
Prop balancer lineart

Quick, easy and inexpensive

Perfect for quick, accurate balancing even at the field

GPMQ5000 Fingertip Propeller Balancer 1 pc.
Kwik Stripe Striping Tape
Striping Tape

Fast, easy trim stripes

All colors come in 1/16" (1.6 mm) , 1/8" (3.2 mm) or 1/4" (6.4 mm) widths, 36 feet (11 m) per roll

GPMQ10001/16" Fluorescent Red
GPMQ10041/8" Fluorescent Red
GPMQ10081/4" Fluorescent Red
GPMQ10161/8" Fluorescent Pink
GPMQ10201/4" Fluorescent Pink
GPMQ10281/8" Fluorescent Yellow
GPMQ10321/4" Fluorescent Yellow
GPMQ10801/16" Chrome Silver
GPMQ10841/8" Chrome Silver
GPMQ10881/4" Chrome Silver
GPMQ10921/16" Chrome Gold
GPMQ10961/8" Chrome Gold
GPMQ11001/4" Chrome Gold
GPMQ11081/8" Chrome Red
GPMQ11121/4" Chrome Red
GPMQ11201/8" Chrome Blue
GPMQ11241/4" Chrome Blue
GPMQ12041/8" Metallic Blue
GPMQ12081/4" Metallic Blue
GPMQ12161/8" Metallic Dark Blue
GPMQ12201/4" Metallic Dark Blue
GPMQ12321/4" Metallic Red
GPMQ12361/16" Metallic Aluminum
GPMQ12401/8" Metallic Aluminum
GPMQ12441/4" Metallic Aluminum
GPMQ12521/8" Metallic Charcoal
GPMQ12561/4" Metallic Charcoal
GPMQ13001/16" Red
GPMQ13201/8" Red
GPMQ13301/4" Red
GPMQ13321/16" Dark Red
GPMQ13351/8" Dark Red
GPMQ13381/4" Dark Red
GPMQ13401/16" Blue
GPMQ13601/8" Blue
GPMQ13701/4" Blue
GPMQ13721/16" Dark Blue
GPMQ13751/8" Dark Blue
GPMQ13781/4" Dark Blue
GPMQ13801/16" Orange
GPMQ14001/8" Orange
GPMQ14101/4" Orange
GPMQ14201/16" Yellow
GPMQ14401/8" Yellow
GPMQ14501/4" Yellow
GPMQ14601/16" Black
GPMQ14801/8" Black
GPMQ14901/4" Black
GPMQ15001/16" Metallic Gold
GPMQ15201/8" Metallic Gold
GPMQ15301/4" Metallic Gold
GPMQ15401/16" Metallic Silver
GPMQ15601/8" Metallic Silver
GPMQ15701/4" Metallic Silver
GPMQ15801/16" White
GPMQ16001/8" White
GPMQ16101/4" White
Spinner Nuts
Spinner Nuts

Satisfies AMA's safety requirement for spinners

Choose lightweight aluminum or brass for extra nose weight

GPMQ46301/4-28 Aluminum Safety 1 pc.
GPMQ46401/4-28 Brass Heavy-Weighs 2.5 oz (71 g) 1 pc.
GPMQ46315/16" - 24 Aluminum Safety Spinner Nut 1 pc.
GPMQ46415/16" - 24 Brass Heavy Spinner Nut 2.5 oz (71 g) 1 pc.
Epoxy Mixing Sticks
Epoxy Mixing Sticks
GPMR8055Epoxy Mixing Sticks 50 pcs.
GPMR8056Mixing Cups
Prop Reamer
Prop Reamer

A must for every modeler's field box. Enlarges prop holes while maintaining centering.

Precision Prop Reamers are made of hardened carbon steel, with a stepped design for increased accuracy. Modelers simply turn the removable T-handle to cut; can also be used with a drill press for added precision. Precision Standard (SAE) version cuts 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" holes; Metric version is for 1/4", 7 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm holes.

GPMQ5005 has sizes for 3/16", 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8"

GPMQ50054-Step Standard Prop Reamer 1 pc.
GPMQ5006Precision Prop Reamer Standard (SAE) 1 pc.
GPMQ5007Precision Prop Reamer Metric 1 pc.
Tap & Drill Sets
Tap and Drill Sets

Available in matched sets or in handy 10-piece sets with vinyl pouch

Perfect for drilling and tapping engine mounts and more

GPMR810410-32 1 set
GPMR81134.0 mm 1 set
GPMR81145.0 mm 1 set
Hexdriver Ball Wrenches
Ball Wrenches

In standard and metric sizes

Easily reach into tight areas

Available individually or in handy 5- and 6-piece sets

GPMR8000.050" Hexdriver 1 pc.
GPMR80015/64" Hexdriver 1 pc.
GPMR80023/32" Hexdriver 1 pc.
GPMR80037/64" Hexdriver 1 pc.
GPMR80049/64" Hexdriver 1 pc.
GPMR80055/32" Hexdriver 1 pc.
GPMR80061/16" Hexdriver 1 pc.
GPMR80086 pc. Standard 1 set
GPMR80091.27 mm Hexdriver 1 pc.
GPMR80101.5 mm Hexdriver 1 pc.
GPMR80112.0 mm Hexdriver 1 pc.
GPMR80122.5 mm Hexdriver 1 pc.
GPMR80133.0 mm Hexdriver 1 pc.
GPMR80185 pc. Metric 1 set

Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing

Great for all electrical connections

Shrinks with heat gun

GPMM10501/16" Diameter 3" lengths 4 pcs.
GPMM10523/32" Diameter 3" lengths 4 pcs.
GPMM10541/8" Diameter 3" lengths 4 pcs.
GPMM10563/16" Diameter 3" lengths 3 pcs.
GPMM10581/4" Diameter 3" lengths 3 pcs.
GPMM10603/8" Diameter 3" lengths 3 pcs.
GPMM10701/16"-3/8" Assorted Diameters 3" lengths 12 pcs.

Epoxy Brushes
Epoxy Brushes

GPMR80603/8" Disposable 6 pcs.
GPMR8062Epoxy Brushes Bulk 144 pcs.

4 Way Prop Wrench
Prop wrench lineart

Includes sizes to fit standard prop nuts and glow plugs

GPMP2000Fits 5/16", 3/8", 7/16" & 1/2" 1 pc.

1-1/4" Reinforced Cut-Off Wheels
Cut-off wheel lineart

GPMR82001-1/4" (32 mm) with Mandrel 1 set
GPMR82011-1/4" (32 mm) wheels only 2 pcs.