Airplane Technical Data

Stock #Mfg. #NameCG*Elevator Throw:Aileron Throw:Rudder Throw:Incidences:Engine Thrust:
High RateLow RateHigh RateLow RateHigh RateLow RateWingStabRightDown
GPMA1675 Avistar 30cc/EP Sport Trainer ARF4-1/23/41/23/41/21-3/81    
GPMA1005 Avistar Elite .46 GP/EP ARF3-5/167/165/169/163/87/81/2    
GPMA1605 Avistar Elite .46 RTF3-5/167/165/169/163/87/81/2    
GPMA1220 Big Stik 40 ARF MonoKote3-3/43/45/87/85/81-3/810000
GPMA1221 Big Stik 60 ARF MonoKote47/85/813/41-1/21-1/40000
GPMA1033 Cherokee GP/EP ARF3-1/161/23/817/161-3/85/8+102-2
GPMA1052 Dynaflite Bird of Time Sailplane ARF 3-3/49/163/8  1-1/23/4    
GPMA0090 Dynaflite Butterfly Trainer Kit3-3/163/4     1033
GPMA0510DECGDynaflite Super Decathlon- Giant Scale 3-3/81-1/211-1/45/81-1/21-2-3-1/225
GPMA1036 Easy Sport 40 MkII ARF4-1/81/23/87/165/161-1/41n/an/an/an/a
GPMA0156CUB1Electricub2-7/83/45/81/2 up 3/8 down3/8 up 1/4 down3/41/22324
GPMA1574 ElectroStik ARF3-5/81/41/81/23/81-1/85/80023
GPMA7500 ElectroStik RxR3-5/81/41/81/23/81-1/85/80023
GPMA1200 Escapade EP/GP ARF2-1/21-1/43/41/21/421-1/40022
GPMA1202 Escapade MX GP/EP ARF2-3/47/83/417/325/161-3/41-3/160022
GPMA0235EXT4Extra 300S .4045/16 up 3/8 down1/4 up 5/16 down3/81/42-1/81-1/20020
GPMA0236EXT6Extra 300S .604-1/81-1/43/45/81/42-1/21-1/20-1/22-1/2
GPMA1022 Extra 300SP .46-.81 3D EP/GP ARF3-3/45/83/811/163/82-3/42002-1/20
GPMA1188 Extra 300SP EP ARF35/83/85/83/81-7/81-1/4002-1
GPMA1129 Extra 330SC 3D Foam Indoor EP ARF5/81-7/1611-3/412-5/81-5/80003
GPMA1030 F-1 Rocket EVO .46-.55 EP ARF3-1/47/81/27/161/41-1/21+1/2023
GPMA0177CRS4F4U Corsair 403-1/21/2 up 5/8 down5/16 up 3/8 down1/4 up 3/8 down3/16 up 1/4 down1-3/41-3/40020
GPMA1555 Factor 3D 30cc EP ARF7-1/2 to 8-5/81-1/83/41-1/83/42-3/81-5/8    
GPMA1552 Factor 3D ARF4-1/41-3/41-1/415/81-1/21-1/40021
GPMA1060 Fling ARF Sailplane2-3/47/167/16 n/a11/1611/16    
GPMA6022 Gee Bee R-1 EP Tx-R1-1/43/83/163/41/23/41/2+402-1/2-2
GPMA1224 Giant Big Stik ARF5-7/83/41/21-1/4131-1/21/2020
GPMA1225 Giant Big Stik XL 55-61cc Gas/EP ARF6-7/16 to 8-1/87/81/21-1/21-1/842-1/2    
GPMA1435 Giant Citabria 30cc/EP ARF3-1/21-3/163/41-1/83/41-5/87/80021
GPMA1425 Giant Revolver Sport ARF 50-55cc7-7/83/41/27/85/83-1/42-3/4002-1
GPMA1044 Giant Super Sportster ARF5-1/41-1/211-1/43/432101-1/20
GPMA096060Goldberg Gentle Lady Glider Kit3-1/2 to 3-3/43/8   1-1/2 0000
GPMA096868Goldberg Tiger 60 Sport Low Wing .60-.65 Kit3-3/4 to 4-3/41/25/169/163/165/161-1/80020
GPMA1815 Kunai 1.4M EP ARF2-3/45/163/163/4 up, 1/2 down3/83/41/21006
GPMA1281 Matt Chapman Eagle 580 ARF .46-.813-3/411/163/815/161/41-3/47/8003-1/22
GPMA0175P540P-51 Mustang 405-3/85/8 up 1/2 down3/8 up 5/16 down9/323/161-3/87/81/20 1-3/51-3/4
GPMA1208 P-51 Mustang Sport Fighter .46 EP ARF3-1/23/41/25/163/1613/40022
GPMA1154 PBY Catalina Seaplane EP ARF2-1/81/25/163/81/43/43/81-1/2000
GPMA0493PNP4Pete-N-Poke Sport 40 Kit3-7/81-1/23/413/41-1/211003
GPMA0160CUB4Piper J3 Cub 4041-1/85/83/4 up 11/16 down1/2 up 7/16 down1-3/812-1/22-1/22n/a
GPMA0162CUB6Piper J3 Cub 604-1/21-3/43/41 up 7/8 down9/16 up 1/2 down1-3/41-1/42-1/22-1/22n/a
GPMA1260 Proud Bird Sport/EF1 Racer ARF3-7/83/161/83/81/43/41/21/2000
GPMA0116PT20PT 20 MK II Trainer3-1/23/81/45/8 up 3/8 down1/2 up 1/4 down3/81/4n/an/an/an/a
GPMA1212 PT-19 Sport Scale .46 GP/EP ARF2-3/4 to 3-3/41/23/83/83/161-1/21    
GPMA0118PT40PT40 MK II Trainer4-7/643/81/49/16 up 3/8 down7/16 up 1/4 down3/81/4n/an/an/an/a
GPMA0119PT60PT60 Trainer4-1/85/83/81/2 up 3/8 down3/8 up 1/4 down3/43/4n/an/an/an/a
GPMA1250 QuikV6 Q500 ARF37/325/327/325/327/321/8    
GPMA1019 Revolver .61-.91 ARF5-1/23/45/161/21/42-1/21-1/200 -2
GPMA1018 Revolver GP/EP RTF4-3/41/25/163/81/42-1/41-3/8001-1
GPMA0180RV44RV-4 40 Kit3-3/45/81/43/41/21-1/167/82002
GPMA1232 Sequence 1.20 EP/GP ARF6-3/45/83/83/41/21-3/41-1/40021/2
GPMA0540SPECSpectra Electric Sailplaneon spar1/2n/an/an/a1-1/2n/a20n/a5
GPMA0530SPRTSpirit 2 Meter Sailplaneon spar1/2n/an/an/a1-1/2n/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA1010 Stinger II .46 ARF3-1/43/45/815/165/82-5/81001-1
GPMA1042 Super Sportster 40 MKII ARF3-1/81/25/161/23/161-1/83/4-1/403/41
GPMA0210SS60Super Sportster 603-5/163/85/161/4n/a3/4n/a0000
GPMA1161 Super Sportster EP Brushless ARF2-3/41/23/83/81/413/4003-3
GPMA0155TYL2T-Craft 2531-1/25/165/87/1611/22232 up
GPMA1609 Twinstar EP Twin Motor ARF2-1/23/81/47/161/41-1/1613/16    
GPMA1270 U-Can-Do 3D 60 ARF4-7/81-1/83/41-3/87/82-1/41-1/40011-1/2
GPMA1272 U-Can-Do SF EP/GP .80 ARF5-1/213/415/165/82-1/21-1/80030
GPMA0240ULT4Ultimate Biplane .402-3/8 (lower wing)5/87/161/43/161-1/41-1/40031 up
GPMA1015 Ultra Sport .46/EP ARF2-7/8 to 3-1/21/21/45/161/21-5/81
GPMA0420US60Ultra Sport 604-3/8 Inv5/83/85/163/161-1/210020
GPMA1295 Waco YMF-5D Biplane ARF5-1/4 (top wing)1-1/411/167/811/162-1/41-3/4-0.5 top, +0.5 bottom2-1/220
GPMA1209 Zero Sport Fighter GP/EP ARF3 to 45/83/81/21/41-3/41    
Note: Measurements are in inches. Control throws are each way unless noted otherwise. Ex: elev 5/8 means 5/8 up and 5/8 down.
* CG is measured back from LE at fuselage unless labelled otherwise
n/a: not applicable

Stock #Mfg. #NameCGElevator Throw:Aileron Throw:Rudder Throw:Incidences:Engine Thrust:
High RateLow RateHigh RateLow RateHigh RateLow RateWingStabRightDown
GPMA1421 25% Pitts M-12 Performance Series ARF61-1/4113/432    
GPMA1290 38% Extra 330S ARF5-3/41-3/4121-3/875    
GPMA1245 AT-6 Texan 40 ARF3-15/161/21/411/167/161-1/85/8n/an/an/an/a
GPMA0001 B.L.T.-Basic Light Trainer Kit1-15/165/85/8n/an/a7/87/81-1/2024
GPMA1225 Big Stick 40 ARF MonoKote4-1/81/2n/a5/16n/a1-1/4n/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA1031 Big Stick 40 ARF Traditional4-1/81/21/25/165/161-1/41-1/4n/an/an/an/a
GPMA1226 Big Stick 60 ARF MonoKote4-5/89/16n/a3/8n/a1-1/2n/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA0145BS20Big Stik 20 3-3/8 to 3-7/83/8n/a1/4n/a1-1/81-1/80000
GPMA0146BS40Big Stik 40 4-1/161/2n/a5/16n/a1-1/41-1/40000
GPMA0147BS60Big Stik 60 4-1/29/16n/a3/8n/a1-1/2n/a0000
GPMA0230CP40CAP 21 403-1/23/4n/a5/16n/a1-1/16n/a0000
GPMA0240CP60CAP 21 604-3/83/8n/a3/8n/a1-1/2n/a0000
GPMA1230 CAP 231EX ARF MonoKote3-9/16 Inv9/16 up 3/4 down7/16 up 5/8 down1/23/821-5/8n/an/an/an/a
GPMA0232CAP4CAP 232 .403-3/415/83/81/431-3/40022 up
GPMA1410 CAP 232 1.60 ARF5-3/42-1/21-1/21-1/214-1/230020
GPMA1112 CAP 580 Matt Chapman FlatOuts EP ARF2-1/455-60°15-25°55-60°15-25°55-60°15-25°    
GPMA1228 Cessna 182 40 ARF37/161/41-7/8    
GPMA0180CK40Cherokee2-1/25/8n/aail 1/2 flap 3/4n/a1n/a0000
GPMA1431 Christen Eagle 46 ARF3-15/16 (top wing center)5/87/167/165/161-1/81/2B:0 T: -1+22-2.5
GPMA1217 Christen Eagle II Giant ARF6-1/8 (top wing)1-7/8 up 1-5/81-3/8 up 1 down1-1/85/82-1/21-1/2-1 bottom, .5 top01-4/52-1/2
GPMA1363 Cirrus SR22T GP/EP ARF2-1/47/165/163/45/815/80032
GPMA1127 Citabria 3mm Foam Indoor 3D EP ARF1-15/161-5/81-1/41-3/83/41-5/81000-4
GPMA1475 Combat P-51 Mustang ARF2-1/43/81/45/161/4n/an/a0022
GPMA1321 Cosmic Wind Minnow 60 ARF3-3/83/41/23/81/41-1/83/40032 up
GPMA1810/1811 Cosmic Wind Sport Flier/Racer EP ARF2-1/161/81/43/161/89/163/8    
GPMA1219 Curtis P-6E Hawk 60 ARF5-7/8 (top wing)13/41-1/43/41-3/41-1/4-1/2 top; -2 down031
GPMA0480DAZ4Dazzler 4031/23/83/43/8110000
GPMA1038 Dazzler 40 ARF31/23/83/43/81-1/41-1/4n/an/an/an/a
GPMA1134 de Havilland Tiger Moth Slow Flyer EP ARF15/165/83/8  1-1/43/4    
GPMA1975 Dirty Birdy Sport/Pattern .60 ARF5-13/161/25/167/169/321-7/81-3/8    
GPMA1155 Douglas DC-3 Park Flyer ARF2-7/167/16 up 3/8 down5/16 up 1/4 down7/165/1611  n/an/a
GPMA1573 Eagle 580 Matt Chapman EP ARF3.2513/45/83/81-1/21    
GPMA0150ESP4Easy Sport 404-1/81/23/87/165/161-1/410000
GPMA1035 Easy Sport 40 ARF4-1/81/23/87/165/161-1/41n/an/an/an/a
GPMA0152ES60Easy Sport 604-3/45/87/161/23/81-1/410000
GPMA1414 Edge 540 1.60-43cc Performance Series ARF4-15/1621-1/23/41/24-1/23    
GPMA1128 Edge 540 3D Indoor EP ARF5/81-3/411-5/812-3/42    
GPMA1550 Edge 540 E-Performance Series EP 3D ARF2-1/21-1/81/21-1/85/82-3/42    
GPMA1113 Edge 540 FlatOuts EP ARF2-1/255-60°15-25°55-60°15-25°55-60°15-25°    
GPMA1572 Edge 540 T EP ARF2-13/163/41/23/41/23-1/220032
GPMA0157ECUBDElectricub Deluxe2-7/85/8n/an/an/a3/4n/a1.5322
GPMA0385ESTRElectrostreak3-3/43/8 up 7/16 downn/a3/16n/a1-1/4n/a0022
GPMA1055 ElectroStreak ARF3-9/161/2 up 3/8 down3/8 up 5/16 down3/161/81-1/410032
GPMA1105 Escapade ARF1-1/25/8n/an/an/a9/16n/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA1800 Evader EDF Sport Jet EP ARF3-3/81/43/163/81/4      
GPMA1305 Extra 300S 1.20 Wagstaff ARF3-13/163-1/43-1/43-1/43-1/46-1/26-1/210-3-1/4
GPMA1365 Extra 300S 1.60 ARF5-1/21/23/815/842-1/2002-1
GPMA1240 Extra 300s ARF45/16 up 3/8 down1/4 up 5/16 down3/81/42-1/81-1/2n/an/an/an/a
GPMA1114 Extra 300S FlatOuts EP ARF2-1/455-60°15-25°55-60°15-25°55-60°15-25°    
GPMA0250 Extra 330L 1/3 Scale6-7/1621/21-7/83/46-1/43-1/40020
GPMA1543 Extra 330S 3D E-Performance ARF2-3/45/85/163/41-1/42-1/21-1/4    
GPMA0435F146F-14 Tomcat .60(See Plans)3/41/21/21/4max1/201.503.5
GPMA0438F154F15 Eagle .40centered on main spar @ rib 57/85/81/21/43/41/2-1.75004
GPMA1875 F-20 Tigershark with Motor ARF3-3/43/81/43/81/4      
GPMA0440F460F4 Phantom II 6010-7/813/41-1/411-1/21-1/20022
GPMA1530 F-4U Corsair ARF 403-1/2 Inv9/16 up 1/2 down7/16 up 5/16 down7/165/161-1/21-1/2n/an/an/an/a
GPMA1157 F4U-1A Corsair EP ARF23/83/163/8 up; 5/16 down1/4 up; 1/8 down      
GPMA1159 F6F Hellcat EP ARF23/83/163/8 up; 5/16 down1/4 up; 1/8 down      
GPMA1771 F-86 Sabre Micro EDF Tx-R2-3/41/4 3/16 5/16     
GPMA1149 Fairchild PT-19 EP ARF2-1/21/21/43/81/47/81/2    
GPMA1405 Firebat Deluxe Electric ARF Canard Jet4-1/29/163/83/85/16n/an/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA1400 Firebat Electric ARF Canard Jet4-1/29/163/83/85/16n/an/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA1111 Flatana FlatOuts EP ARF2-1/255-60°15-25°55-60°15-25°55-60°15-25°    
GPMA1062 Fling 2m Sailplane ARF3-1/41/21/4n/an/a1-1/45/8n/an/an/an/a
GPMA1070 Fling DL Glider ARF2-3/83/81/45/85/83/81/4    
GPMA1171 Flying Styro Crazy Sparrow ARF5-3/8 from back of cowl behind propn/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA1106 Flying Styro Lazy Sparrow ARF5-11/16n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA1107 Flylite Slow Flyer EP ARF2-1/8 to 2-7/83/41/2  1-1/43/43-1/20213
GPMA1520 Focke-Wolfe FW-190 ARF3-3/8 Inv7/165/165/163/161-3/81-3/8n/an/an/an/a
GPMA1380 Fokker Dr. 1 ARF2-5/813/43/41/21-3/41-1/4-1.5 top, -2 mid, -2 bottom0-3-8
GPMA1142 Fokker Dr.1 Triplane WWI EP ARF23/81/43/81/415/8    
GPMA1141 Fokker DVII WWI EP ARF2-1/81/25/169/169/1611/2    
GPMA1193 Fun Force FW-190 Focke Wulf EP ARF3-3/83-1/21-1/231-5/83-1/220000
GPMA1195 Fun Force Zero EP ARF3-1/43-1/21-1/231-5/83-1/221/2 root; 1-1/2 tip000
GPMA0490FUN1Fun One7-3/8 forward TE1/23/83/41/2max10000
GPMA00500050Fundango Park Flyer2-7/8 to 3-9/16211-1/81/2n/an/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA1151 G-44 Widgeon Seaplane EP ARF23/81/41/23/815/8    
GPMA1326 Gee Bee 90 ARF2-3/4n/a5/8n/a7/8n/a12-2-1-4
GPMA0485GB40Gee Bee Profile3-7/87/85/813/425/80020
GPMA6020 Gee Bee R-1 EP RxR1-1/43/83/163/41/23/41/2    
GPMA0502GAROGiant Aeromaster2-7/81-1/163/43/49/162-1/81-5/80021
GPMA1225 Giant Aeromaster ARF2-1/21-1/89/163/49/162-1/81-5/80021
GPMA1271 Giant U-Can-Do ARF6-1/451-3/42-3/41-1/464    
GPMA0238GIL6Giles G202 .465-1/41/25/165/83/82-1/21-1/2-1020
GPMA1315 Giles G202 ARF9-1/4 forward of TE @ fuse1-7/85/16 up 7/16 down1-1/43/852n/an/an/an/a
GPMA195012050Goldberg Falcon 56 Mk II .40-.46 ARF3-1/41/23/85/161/45/85/8    
GPMA1940  Goldberg Falcon EP ARFmiddle lines on bottom3/4 up, 5/8 down1/2 up, 3/8 down1/2 up, 3/8 down3/8 up, 1/4 down1-1/21    
GPMA1960 Goldberg Gentle Lady Glider ARF3-1/2 to 3-1/43/8   1-1/2 00  
GPMA192612026Goldberg Pitts P-12 Park Flyer ARF 1max3/4max3/8max1    
GPMA199312093Goldberg Skylark 70 Sport .45-.65 ARF3-1/23/41/21/23/811    
GPMA1959 Goldberg Sophisticated Lady Glider ARF3-1/2 to 3-1/41-1/2   3/8     
GPMA1967 Goldberg Sr. Falcon .40-.46ARF3-1/25/163/163/81/49/169/16    
GPMA095252Goldberg Super Chipmunk .45-.61 Kit1/412°11°13°11°20°17°    
GPMA196612066Goldberg Tiger 2 .40-.46 ARF 5/163/163/81/4 9/16    
GPMA196812068Goldberg Tiger 60 Sport .60-.65 ARF3-7/81/25/169/163/161-5/161-1/8    
GPMA1101 Headwind  B  Park Flyer1-3/41/2n/an/an/a1n/a1-1/201-3/52-1/4
GPMA1196 Hellcat EP Fun Force ARF3-1/43-1/21-1/231-5/83-1/220000
GPMA1869 L-39 Albatros Jet ARF1-15/16"5/161/83/163/32      
GPMA6002 L-39 EP Ducted Fan RxR1-15/165/161/83/163/32      
GPMA1347 Lancair ES 60 ARF3-1/41/23/85/83/81-3/81-201-1
GPMA1165 Lancair ES EP ARF23/8n/a3/8n/a1/2n/a    
GPMA0439LEA4LearJet 405-13/165/161/41/43/1613/40020
GPMA0005LIPKLi'l Poke Kit2-5/85/8n/a5/8 up 1/8 downn/a1n/a0022
GPMA1320 Little Toni 60 ARF3-3/83/41/23/81/41-1/83/40032 up
GPMA1285 Matt Chapman CAP 580 1/3 Scale ARF3-1/21-1/87/81-3/41-3/832    
GPMA1280 Matt Chapman CAP 580 ARF3-1/21/2 up; 3/4 down3/8 up; 5/8 down5/81/231-3/40023 up
GPMA1286 Matt Chapman Eagle 580 85-100cc ARF3-1/21-1/87/81-3/41-3/832    
GPMA1102 Micro Whizz Park Flyer ARF2-1/215/815/813/165/8  n/an/a
GPMA1866 MiGLET Ducted Fan6-1/81/25/161/25/16      
GPMA1349 Military Stearman 91 ARF5-1/23/41/219/1617/80 top, 0 bottom031
GPMA1178 Mini Slinger ARF5-3/83/83/83/83/8n/an/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA1156 Mini Super Sportster EP ARF2-3/165/163/161/41/813/41002
GPMA1535 Mitsubishi Zero ARF 403-11/16 Inv3/8 up 5/8 down1/4 up 1/2 down3/81/41-1/41-1/4n/an/an/an/a
GPMA1485 Mr. Mulligan Sport/Scale EP ARF2-1/45/81/27/85/83/45/81022
GPMA1146 Nieuport XI WWI Parkflyer EP ARF2-7/85/81/23/45/81-1/21    
GPMA0495OLD4Old Timer 40 Sport Kit3-3/47/811/16n/an/a5/87/160022
GPMA1472 P-40 Warhawk GP/EP ARF1-1/21/21/43/161/83/41/2    
GPMA1479 P-47 Thunderbolt GP/EP ARF2-1/43/815/6413/641/8111/16    
GPMA1192 P-51 Mustang EP Fun Force ARF3-1/43-1/21-1/231-5/83-1/220000
GPMA1205 P-51 Mustang GP/EP ARF4-11/167/165/165/161/41-7/81-7/16    
GPMA1510 P-51D Mustang ARF 405-3/8 Inv1/23/85/163/161-3/81-3/8n/an/an/an/a
GPMA0430PAT4Patriot 408-1/23/85/163/16n/a5/8n/a0000
GPMA1020 Patriot 40 ARF8-1/43/85/165/163/165/85/8n/an/an/an/a
GPMA0450 Patriot XL 60 Sport Jet Kit9-3/43/81/45/81/43/41/2    
GPMA1802 Phazer EDF ARF5-1/163/83/163/161/8      
GPMA1310 Piper Cub J-3 ARF41-1/85/83/49/161-1/21n/an/an/an/a
GPMA1311 Piper Cub J-3 ARF41-1/85/83/49/161-1/21n/an/an/an/a
GPMA0158CUB2Piper J3 Cub 203-3/165/83/87/16 up 5/16 down3/8 up 1/4 down1-3/81-3/82-1/22-1/22n/a
GPMA1153 Piper J-3 Cub Park Flyer ARF2-1/165/81/2n/an/a5/83/8  n/an/a
GPMA1218 Pitts Special 1/3 Scale Biplane ARF5 to 5-3/41-5/8115/8 up 1/4 down2-1/21-1/200n/an/a
GPMA1130 Pluma 3D Bipe ARF2-1/2 (upper wing)1-3/812-3/81-9/162-3/41-9/160000
GPMA0487 Profile 38 Twin Kit3-3/4 to 4-1/43/83/83/81/45/81/20 root, -1 tip04 outward on both engine2
GPMA1301 PT-19 Giant Scale ARF MonoKote4-15/165/81/21-1/45/81-3/41n/an/an/an/a
GPMA1000 PT-40 ARF Perfect Trainer4-1/43/16n/a1/4 up 3/16 downn/a3/16n/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA0117PT40PT-40 Original Kit43/16n/a7/16 up 1/4 downn/a3/16n/a3.5204.5
GPMA0110PTEPT-E Electric Trainer33/163/16n/an/a5/165/163-1/2204-1/2
GPMA0220 Rapture 40 Kit3-1/41/23/81/23/813/40022
GPMA1117 RC Universe FlatOuts ARF3-5/1655%20%55%20%35%15%0000
GPMA1021 Reactor .46 ARF4-3/47/87/162141002.50
GPMA1420 Reactor 1.60 Performance Series ARF71-1/212-1/21-1/24-3/42-3/4    
GPMA1540 Reactor 3D EP ARF3-3/87/89/161-3/83/42-3/81-3/160022
GPMA1580 Reactor Bipe EP 3D ARF3-7/16 (top wing)9/165/163/43/82-1/41-3/16    
GPMA1023 Reactor Biplane Performance Series ARF5-1/21-3/87/87/83/83-1/22-1/4    
GPMA1116 Reflection FlatOuts EP ARF2-3/455-60°15-25°55-60°15-25°55-60°15-25°    
GPMA1805 Rifle Sport/Racer EP ARF11/163/323/161/83/16      
GPMA0010RVEPRV-4 Park Flyer Kit2-3/45/85/87/16 up 5/16 down5/16 up 1/4 down1-1/2120n/an/a
GPMA1345 Ryan STA 1.20 ARF4-3/16 (upside down)13/43/41/21-9/161-3/81021 (up)
GPMA0165RYN1Ryan STA Electric Kit2-5/83/81/41/23/813/40021-1/2
GPMA1355 Ryan STA-M 1.20 ARF MonoKote4-3/16 (upside down)13/43/41/21-9/161-3/81021 (up)
GPMA1140 S.E.5a EP ARF2-1/25/83/85/83/81/23/82 top, 3 bottom022
GPMA1360 Seawind 60 ARF1-1/325/87/161/23/821-1/8    
GPMA1169 Seawind EP ARF15/83/87/161/41-1/412021
GPMA5750 Seawind EP Rx-R15/83/87/161/41-1/412021
GPMA1575 Sequence EP ARF4-7/83/81/43/41/221    
GPMA1328 Shoestring .46-.70/EP ARF3-5/81/23/85/85/167/85/8    
GPMA1325 Shoestring 1/4 Scale ARF3-3/163/41/29/163/81-1/43/4102.52
GPMA1132  Silhouette EP 3D ARF41-3/8113/43-1/22-3/8    
GPMA1150 Simprop Albatros ARF40mm15 deg15 degn/an/a25 deg25 degn/an/an/an/a
GPMA1170 Simprop CAP 231 EX ARF50-60mm25 deg25 deg15 deg15 deg10 deg10 degn/an/an/an/a
GPMA1065 Siren T-Tail Electric Sailplane ARF2-1/81/25/163/83/16n/an/a  n/an/a
GPMA1180 Slinger Electric Flying Wing ARF8 from front tip1/23/83/41/2n/an/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA0491SP15Slowpoke3-5/8 Inv5/81/2n/an/a2n/a1120
GPMA0492SP40Slowpoke Sport 404-5/8 Inv7/161/413/41-1/2n/a003n/a
GPMA1215 SlowPoke Sport 40 ARF4-57/1007/161/413/41-1/21-1/2n/an/an/an/a
GPMA1144 Sopwith Camel EP ARF2-7/81/25/165/83/811-1/4    
GPMA1300 SpaceWalker ARF4-1/4 Inv15/81-1/411-3/41-3/430n/an/a
GPMA1143 Spad XIII ARF2-1/89/163/87/81/27/83/4    
GPMA1050 Spectra ARF3-1/81/2n/an/an/a1-1/2n/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA17** Spectra Select ARF3-1/81/2n/an/an/a1-1/2n/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA0550SPT1Spirit 100 Sailplaneon spar5/8n/a3/4 up 3/8 downn/a1-1/2n/a2-1/40n/an/a
GPMA1049 Spirit 100 Sailplane ARF4-1/25/81/23/43/81-1/21    
GPMA1045 Spirit 2 Meter ARF Sailplane (Monokote)3-1/41/2n/an/an/a1-1/2n/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA0535SPELSpirit Elite 2 Meter Sailplane3-1/41/2n/a3/4 up 3/8 downn/a2220n/an/a
GPMA1047 Spirit Elite ARF3-1/41/2n/a3/4 up, 3/8 downn/a2n/a20n/an/a
GPMA1151 Spirit of St. Louis ARF1-61/1005/8n/an/an/a1-1/4n/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA1152 Spirit of St. Louis Park Flyer ARF1-9/165/85/8n/an/a1-1/41-1/4  n/an/a
GPMA16** Spirit Select 2 Meter RTF Sailplane 3-1/41/2n/an/an/a1-1/2n/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA1478 Spitfire .25 GP/EP ARF2-3/83/81/43/161/83/41/2003-2
GPMA0179SPT4Spitfire 403-3/49/165/167/161/415/80020
GPMA1500 Spitfire ARF 404-1/2 Inv1/27/167/163/81-3/81-1/8n/an/an/an/a
GPMA0510SB40Sportster Bipe 401-7/8 bottom wing11/32n/a3/16n/a1/2n/a1/32 bt000
GPMA1340 Stuka JU-87 60 ARF45/163/161-1/163/41-1/83/4-0.25022
GPMA1412 SU-31 3D ARF5-11/167/81/215/82-3/41-7/8002.50
GPMA1185 Sukhoi SU-31 EP Profile ARF4-1/42-3/41-1/41-1/23/443  n/an/a
GPMA0500AAROSuper Aeromaster5-1/4 top wing3/4n/a1/2n/a1-1/4n/a1top1n/an/a
GPMA1303 Super Chipmunk ARF4-3/41 up; 1-1/4 down5/8 up; 1 down13/4440 22 up
GPMA1928 Super Chipmunk EP Parkflyer ARF2.55/163/161/41/813/4    
GPMA0185DE40Super Decathlon 403-1/43/8n/a5/16n/a3/4n/a1020
GPMA0170SKY6Super Skybolt 602-3/4 (Top wing at rib 7)1-3/87/81/25/16max possible1-1/2-1 top; 0 bottom1-1/221 up
GPMA1242 Super Skybolt ARF4-5/8 (top wing)15/85/83/831-1/2-2 both021
GPMA1040 Super Sportser 40 ARF3-1/89/16 up 11/16 down7/16 up 9/16 down3/83/8max1n/an/an/an/a
GPMA0190SS20Super Sportster 202-15/165/16n/a3/16n/a5/8n/a0000
GPMA0205SS4BSuper Sportster 40 MK II3-1/41/2 up, 5/8 down5/16 up, 3/8 down5/163/161-3/8n/a0000
GPMA0215SS901Super Sportster 90/1204-3/811/16n/a3/8n/a1-1/4n/a0000
GPMA1160 Super Sportster EP ARF2-3/41/23/83/81/413/41023
GPMA6006 Super Sportster EP RxR2-5/89/161/45/167/327/85/8203-2
GPMA1350 Super Stearman 1.20 ARF5-1/217/819/161-1/210 both031
GPMA1150 Super Stearman EP ARF2-5/8 (top wing)1/21/43/81/41-1/87/8    
GPMA6000 Synapse Rx-R Ducted Fan Jet1-15/16"1/43/163/81/4n/an/a    
GPMA1581 Synchro EDF Glider ARF 3/81/43/8 glider, 5/16 sport1/4 glider, 3/16 sport5/83/8    
GPMA1330 Tiger Moth 60 ARF2-3/413/43/41/222-2 top, 0 bottom002-1/2
GPMA0400TRC4Tracer .405-3/47/167/161/43/162-1/21-1/21030
GPMA0130TR40Trainer Fortyjust behind spar1/23/83/163/161/21/21/32000
GPMA0140TR60Trainer Sixtyjust behind spar1/23/83/163/161/21/21/32000
GPMA1166 Turbo Cirrus GTS SR-22 EP ARF2-3/161/41/81/45/167/161/4    
GPMA1115 Turmoil FlatOuts EP ARF355-60°15-25°55-60°15-25°55-60°15-25°    
GPMA0002 Tutor Trainer Kit1-15/165/8n/a3/8n/a7/8n/a1-1/2024
GPMA1269 U-Can-Do 3D 46 ARF4-3/42-1/412-1/21-1/43-1/21-1/20021-1/2
GPMA1275 U-Can-Do 3D EP ARF2-7/831-1/22-5/8 up, 2 down1 up; 7/8 down4-1/21-1/2    
GPMA1546 Ultimate 3D E-Performance ARF3-5/1615/165/161/82-1/21-5/8    
GPMA1307 Ultimate Bipe 1.60 ARF6-3/8 (top wing)1-1/27/813/432-1020
GPMA1546 Ultimate Bipe E-Performance EP 3D ARF3-15/1615/165/161/82-1/21-5/8-2 top, -1 bottom0  
GPMA0425US10Ultra Sport 10005-1/45/8 up 1/2 down3/8 up 5/16 down1/25/16 up 1/4 down1-1/27/80020
GPMA0410US40Ultra Sport 4045/8 up, 3/8 down3/8 up, 5/16 down1/41/81-3/87/80020
GPMA1010 Ultra Sport 40 ARF Blue49/163/85/163/161-3/81n/an/an/an/a
GPMA1005 Ultra Sport 40 ARF Red49/163/85/163/161-3/81n/an/an/an/a
GPMA0390USB4Ultra Sport 40 Plus Kit4-9/169/169/167/165/167/165/160031/2
GPMA1025 Venus 40 ARF 4-5/87/161/45/163/161-5/81103-3
GPMA1027 Venus II .91-1.20 ARF6-1/29/163/87/81/231-3/4    
GPMA1265/1266 Viper 500 .25-.46 ARF31/41/83/81/81/4n/a0000
GPMA1110 Wright Flyer ARF1-1/8 forward of bottom wing LE5/81/45/83/8n/an/an/an/an/an/a
GPMA1865/1867 XPD-8 ARF6-1/81/25/161/25/16n/an/a0000
GPMA1230 YAK 55M 50 - 55cc Sport / 3D ARF6-1/21-1/43/41-3/43/4640021
GPMA1411 Yak-54 1.60 ARF5-1/81-1/47/817/82-1/21    
GPMA1411 Yak-54 1.60 Sport 3D ARF5-1/81-1/47/817/82-1/210020
GPMA1542 Yak-54 3D EP Performance ARF3-1/81-1/85/87/81/22-1/21-1/4002-2
GPMA1274 Yak-55 3D ARF FlightFlex3-3/831-1/22-5/8 up, 2 down1-1/24-1/21-1/2    
GPMA1190 Yak-55 EP 3D ARF32-1/23/42 up, 1-1/2 down1 up; 7/8 down2-1/21    
GPMA1100 Yard Stik ARF3-7/83/4n/an/an/a1n/a5005
GPMA1024 Z-526 Zlin Akrobat GP/EP5-3/81/27/167/163/82-3/42    
Note: Measurements are in inches. Control throws are each way unless noted otherwise. Ex: elev 5/8 means 5/8 up and 5/8 down.
* CG is measured back from LE at fuselage unless labelled otherwise
n/a: not applicable
1 A technical update was made to this kit after the initial kits, plans and manuals were produced. Please follow the throws and CG listed here.