HyperFlow Ducted Fan System (GPMG3910/3911) Tech Note

Note #1:
The part number listed in the manual for the replacement 370BB motor is incorrect. Please use part number GPMG0311 for the replacement brushed 370 motor.

Note #2:
If the three keys in the fan housing do not properly align with the slots in the adapter ring when installing a 20mm brushless motor, refer to the addendum file below.

HyperFlow Ducted Fan System Addendum (90Kb PDF)

Note #3:
The design of the optional rotor cone has changed slightly. The rotor cone is now secured with a screw rather than glued into place. On page 5, step 4 (brushed motor installation) and on page 7, step 5 (brushless motor installation), the manual refers to installing the fan rotor onto the brass adapter using a 3 x 8mm Phillips® screw, 3mm washer, and threadlocking compound. If you plan to install the optional rotor cone (see page 8 of the manual for details), it must first be pressed onto the fan rotor before installing this screw and washer. The 3 x 8mm screw and 3mm flat washer are installed through the hole in the rotor cone, through the fan rotor, and into the brass adapter. Be sure to use threadlocking compound on the screw. Refer to the addendum below for photos.

HyperFlow Ducted Fan System Addendum 2 (19Kb PDF)